4th Quarter Auto entrepreneur declarations

Hi there,

Is anyone else having difficulty making their 4th Quarter (to 31 Dec 2020) declaration on the URSSAF auto entrepreneur site?

I just can’t work it out - as far as I was aware I didn’t need to make the declaration until noon on Monday 1 Feb, but the site is saying that I have no declaration or payment due. It is not allowing me to make my declaration.
Is this a glitch - never happened to me before!
Thanks for any advice.


Hello Melanie and Welcome to SF!

My partner did his 4th quarter declaration a little while back and it acted as normal then. It has to be a glitch I would have thought but there are a number of others on this site who are auto-entrepreneurs so I’m sure they’ll be here soon!

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Hi Melanie,
I have just used the website without a problem so just checking how you are accessing the declaration -
if you click on your name (top right corner) then click on ‘Mon espace personnel’ it takes you to various options including Declarer et Payer (top left of 6 option boxes).
Not sure if this helps you.


I actually need to sort this out as my closed ME enabled me to fill it in (although realised I shouldn’t have as it was closed - in theory!) but not sure how to access for my new ME!

Normally you need to make your declaration by the end of the month following the quarter - so 30/01/21

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Sorry and meant to say hi Melanie and welcome to the site! :grin: :grin: :grin: Lots of great info and helpful people (as well as the odd grumpy old fella :wink: :rofl:!). Where abouts are you?


Not just us fella’s :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Very true John :wink: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks Sarah - that’s exactly it! I’ve never had this problem before - it’s just weird - I’ll try again tomorrow / call them Monday am.

Yes you are right should be made by month end - I usually do a day or two earlier… I think this time it falls on Monday 1 Feb as 31st is a Sunday.

Thanks Tory :slight_smile:
it’s a great site - I have been dipping in and out. Useful things to read.
I am based in the Loire Valley with my family. I usually split my time between UK and the Loire Valley for work but have stayed here in France for the duration of the pandemic.
Very nice to meet you all!

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Hi Melanie.

I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. But managed to get into the system on Friday and complete my declaration.

Cheers - Steve

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THanks Steve - thinking it must be a glitch then. It says that there is no declaration to make and that I am up to date with everything! Kicking myself as I did all the work to prepare the number back in the early part of Jan - should have just declared it then. Hoping the system will allow me to make the declaration tomorrow. Still no luck today…

At times I felt like I am banging my head against the computer since moving to France in 2014. But, as they have finally gotten into the 21st century, I am sometimes pleasantly surprised at how up-to-date and simple to use the websites have become. Also, email addresses are now used with much more regularity!

Hello I thought I would update you on the issue just in case anyone interested! I spoke with a nice lady on the helpline at URSSAF - she said that indeed the systems were skewed so much so that she asked me to print off my 3rd declaration, cross off the numbers from that and add in numbers for the fourth to show the tax manually, write a cheque and bung it in the post. Et voila :slight_smile:
Thank you to everyone who responded. Melanie


Oh Melanie, thank you - you have given me hope, I’ve been too scared to call so really nice to know the helpline are nice! Do you have the number you called?