5 axis CNC machined Lions head from titanium

This is impressive!

Our Precision Engineering company based in Weymouth were the first company in the area to buy a DMG German built 5 axis machining centre back in the late 90s, it cost us £500k which was a massive investment at the time but wow it was the best investment we ever made and took the company into the top league of our many competitors.


Impressive piece of kit, titanium isn’t the easiest material to mill/machine.


Wonderful engineering achievement. I dearly wish my father could have seen it. He was a skilled toolmaker at Austin aero in the 1940s and later works manager with Tubes Investment in the Black Country. Tool design and manufacture was his passion.

Dad died in 1970.


Meh, my first job as a software engineer was for a local CAD/CAM company - they were milling stuff like this

[source https://grabcad.com/library/boristhespider]

on 5-axis machines in the (late) 1980’s - Boris is sort-of the company mascot.

In fact one of my jobs for them early on was to work on the program that generated the G-code for the mills (although the 5-axis stuff was done by a Romanian chap whose maths was about 10x better than mine).

The Lion’s head is nice though - and, as Mark says, titanium is not the easiest thing to work.