5 min Challenge

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #1

Hi All
Greetings <3
heres something to do - a 5 min Challenge - you should leave your house - sorry i know its cold but its for the Art :slight_smile: walk for 5 min and take some pictures - post them here and we can see a little bit of each others home towns <3
Have fun - look forward to seeing them <3

(Gina Hams) #2

Merry Boxing Day everyone. Just popped outside to take a picture of the sky. Still freezing though. G.

(Andy McNee) #3

I will admit to knowing nothing about the Languedoc, I had a notion it was over in the area you live from Carcassone to the coast.

(Andy McNee) #4

Thank-you Joanne, i would be very happy if you could use my image, it's not quite the languedoc but the Pyrenees from just north of Tarbes

(Andy McNee) #5

View from our hill yesterday

(Andy McNee) #6

We live just north of Tarbes we love the life too, we have just spent 3 weeks back in Manchester/Scotland I enjoy going back seeing family and friends but can't wait to get back here

(Andy McNee) #7

we live in SW france full time, I still have a house in Timperley for now but have no thoughts on moving back. I know Urmston well and have a few friends there.

(Andy McNee) #8

Hi Joanne,

your'e close, it's broadheath in Altrincham at the side of the bridgewater canal

(Andy McNee) #9

it certainly did

(Andy McNee) #10

(Andy McNee) #11

(Catharine Higginson) #12

Oh very good!

(neil whitehead) #13

An veritable orchard of apples!

(neil whitehead) #14

It’s the wifes - I’m not allowed to drive it.

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #15

no James outside!!! ive done it :slight_smile:
p.s im jealous at the adundance of mac’s at your house - ive asked santa for one for xmas

(Catharine Higginson) #16

Really great idea PJ!

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #17

I didnt quite do the 5mins as you can see its a little snowy here
great pictures everyone - keep them coming

(James Higginson) #18

There are 5 in the house if you don’t count the iPhones!

(Paula Jayne Butterworth) #19

lol me too - i got as far as the garden :slight_smile:

(Catharine Higginson) #20

Does look quite ridiculous when seen like that…

Tilly has one issued by school
Charlie had one when he moved in and Daisy is using my laptop.

Like I said saves talking to each other… :slight_smile: