50cc mopeds

Can someone, please tell me, what the legalities are for having a 50cc moped on the road in France.

I have tried to research it, honest :+1: ie. do you need an mot equivalent etc.

Thank you


No no CT (controle technique) required. I believe that if you have a car license you are also fine to ride one.

Thats the word, Controle Technique, thanks. What about insurance then?

My sons friend pays around €12 / month (he says!). We havent’ done our research yet.

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Lots of info here. Not having my moto was what I missed most when I went back to school in UK at the end of the summer.

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Thanks Veronique, i’ll know more once I’ve translated it :joy:

Those are the damned contraptions that screech around the place stopping conversations. What is the noise legislation is the question!

I’m not sure this would cause you too much grief