5th covid jab for wrinklies?

I just saw that over 75s in UK have been able to get a 5th covid jab for over a month.
Is there any news about similar in France, or is there to be an autumn booster programme for all?

How many jabs do you need?


From last week (3rd Oct) a bivalent dose is available to all those on fhe vulnerable list, and their entourage.


Vaccine info updated regularly in the Coronovirus category…

anyone who wants the 5th jab… can go and get it…

My daughter had her 6th jam on Friday in uk. (vulnerable category through breathing problems)

Basically, over 60’s or anyone with significant health issues can have the new jab provided it’s 6 months after the last one, or 3 months from a bout of Covid or you are in a very vulnerable category.

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I’m happy to take as many as they recommend :slightly_smiling_face:


The answer to that Q has changed over the months. Stella is up-to-date with latest recomendations

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click on the link, anyone… for details… and follow that thread

Spot on. Our pharmacy gives the boosters and has just been delivered the bivalent vaccine by Moderna. The nurse on site to give the jabs as booked said we must wait until October 27, which will be exactly 6 months from the second booster we had in April.

We were also told that although you could have the Covid booster in one arm and the flu jab in the other on the same day, it would be advisable to wait a week between the two.

Seems sensible. We don’t vaccinate our pups for rabies, kennel cough, leptospirosis all at the same time. :paw_prints:

Rather than discuss all of this here, I wonder if this thread should be closed? @james ?

@Stella has a perfectly good thread already set up for this which she usefully updates as new info comes through.

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I was wondering about more vaccinations and will head over to the other thread to post by question, thanks

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My ordonnance for the flu jab suggested l have the Covid booster at the same time.

Whatever you do don’t have a flu jab and pneumonia jab at the same time. My BIL did, two years ago and collapsed at the wheel of his 44-tonner on the motorway in Scotland, luckily no injuries and just damage to the driver steps from the central barrier and no other vehicles involved. Turned out the nurse who did the jab the day before should not have done the two at the same time and he ended up, two years later with a pacemaker fitted as it had caused his heart to beat irregularly.


There should be six months after the last Covid jab, so if that is the case, why not?
We will be having our 'flu jabs next week, but need to wait until January if there is a fifth available.