700 weapons seized in France in just 2 days

~Amazing how many illegal weapons there are on the go…

https://news.sky.com/story/number-of-weapons-seized-at-uk-ports-triples-11139759 This is england just at the ports

a large proportion of the guns the french seized were private collections of old weapons, many deactivated. Sad fact that people like collecting guns from war era that essentially may have already killed many people. Morbid.

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It must be comforting for folk in Britain to know that these guns are not entering the country… and that likelihood of gun-related crimes is therefore reduced.

I wonder if this is one reason that knife-related crimes seems to be on the increase in the UK… :thinking:

Kni ves are cheaper and easier to obtain and quieter.

You were happy enough to support this collector of used killing machines.

urm sorry, no as his was MOTORS!!! just tanks, no guns. Get your facts right before making yourself look like a fool and check out his collection of beds, jail doors, jeeps, I have seen zero mention of his collection of guns and working tanks… AND no I do not support him I just think the bigots need to leave what he collects out of the reasons behind a destitute town falling over on itself because the place has gone to crap long before he started buying up property.

also its 200 vehichles and a mix of ALL nations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wheatcroft_Collection

here is a full inventory: http://www.wheatcroftcollection.com/home.html which he has restored and many people love to go and see.

I am talking of peoples obsession of keeping guns which is a separate issue and have never seen why people feel the need to collect firearms.

I can go on if you want to make this post about your obsession with Kevin Wheatcroft? BTW I am a big tank and military vehicle restoration fan

Ive visited his site and also.


https://www.donington-collections.co.uk/military (wheatcroft)


and many many more places that restore tanks including a few solo people restoring single tanks.

You blow with the wind Harry. He is a Nazi collector. In your own word(s), sad.

yes he also collects american British and many other vehicles. Clearly as you posted 2 second after i posted you did not even bother to read it. You should go look up his museum. then go look up ALL the other tank museums. German tanks are the most popular as there are so many of them.

YES his collection of Hitlers bed and jail door are a bit odd but it is not for me to judge him.

Too many bigots in this world for my liking.

btw the guns seized were not on show, many of them were stashed in hidden collections. Not on display for people to come and see and learn a bit of history from a gun museum.


This is where war guns belong