7th in line for the throne

His heads covered you can’t tell if he is ginger or not

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A new baby can be surprising… friends have a new grand daughter… a blonde-Japanese… and baby is absolutely beautiful… no idea where the blonde hair comes from … and no-one cares…everyone is ecstatic …:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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My grandfather and his 3 brothers are half Viêt and they were not only blonde as small children, they also became tall adults! Here are the 3 eldest in about 1929


Those gaiters are brilliant!

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Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
Personally I like it


It’s curiously modern with a strong hint at the 1930s, gentlemanly derring-do, thin moustaches, Egyptian cigarettes, and a Bugatti roadster. I hope he is allowed to live up to it in style.

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Thrones used to be won by having a big fight and winner takes the crown. I’m up for that, reckon I’d win in an arm-wrestling competition with Her Maj. None of this hereditary nonsense, strongest and fittest is the leader …


Taking on a ninety three year old lady is not much of a contest.

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I think you will find Jane that most combats are predicated on the strong beating the weak (or weakER). When more ‘equal’ ones happen, they are usually bloodier - as with WW1.
If I was in the military I am pretty sure which side I would prefer to be on.

Of course as Vietnam showed to both French and American forces - the strength of the military could not beat the strength of the Vietnamese - Classic Case of Tzun Tsu?

That doesn’t make it morally right.

I think it highly likely that HM the Queen has an Pugilist-in-Waiting with an mediaeval moniker like Faise-Demettre D’Épaule who does Her Royal Wrestling for Her by Royal Command.

No contest! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that is taking a remark that was highly offensive and trying to turn it into a joke.

Sounds a bit like Danny Baker’s defence after being sacked.

I’m confused. Where is the highly offensive remark?

In the DB case it was a photo of a chimpanzee (I believe, didn’t see the original tweet and don’t care enough to try to hunt it down) which he equated with the new Royal baby.

Now, to equate the child of a person of colour with an ape - an image widely applied to that group in the past in derogatory terms - is pretty effing insulting.

He then tried to pass it off as a joke.

Oh yes. I saw that. Danny Baker must at least be a closet racist imo. Jane confused me because she was talking about the queen at one point.

I think Kate and Meghan should have a mud-wrestling contest to see who would be best suited to be the new Queen.

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Only a man would suggest that. :grin:

So glad I am not a Royal… they are always the butt of someone’s jokes… :upside_down_face::zipper_mouth_face:

An easy target Stella.