A 2 Year Limit for an AE ? A new threat

I saw this on myae.fr earlier, someone is proposing that the AE status be limited to 2 years

Link to article (in French) http://tinyurl.com/cjtualf

thank you Briony would you keep me informed as you how you get on please?

HI Elaine,

THere is lots of infoprmation out there on being an AE and you may find your local Pole Emploi runs sessions on it and has a person dedicated to helping those who wish to set up she also seems to help sort out wrong tax demands etc. I have found them very helpful. I am also considering setting up as an association professional, where you are allowed to be salaried and have making money as one of your stautesm but it must not be more than 50% of your total activity.. There are local offices in every area to help with this to, they run classes have formats for statutes etc and I am waiting an appointment to visit them as I need to find out how I becomed salaried ie do I need to be an auto entrepreneur, independent travailleur or use CESU. Connexions has info on associations. Again the Pole Emploi pointed me in the right direction for this. I need to add I am registered in the system but it seems to make no difference. Maybe I am just lucky.

yes, he has a number of 'issues' which is the reason he started studying TA in the first place (think he's about 5 years in now) .... france was just too much too fast for him but thankfully i believe he is recovering well, so a few more bruises to the heart but no breaks so all is well -)))

thanks Gretchen, interesting area of therapy TA - my ex-boyfriend is training in that field - ironically we were going to run the retreat together but he had a meltdown over it and went AWOL for a couple of days - withdrew from the sale of his house and all our plans fell like dominos..... so i'm on my own with this now and he is still teaching and attending group sessions -) oh life holds many surprises lol! thank you for the links.

Gretchen what's the tax percentage for 'professional liberale'? Guess I'd probably come under that one.

Therapist? interesting..... In addition to my creative practice I am also a Reiki master with permaculture interests so looking to open a retreat offering various therapies/creative activities (self sufficient/vegetarian) .... starting small initially.... considering running it as a 'social enterprise' or 'not for profit' business model so researching those also at the moment... have you had any personal experience of these business models?

Richard, are UK qualifications recognised/respected in France. I have a BA (hons) in painting and a MA in Public Art and taught quiet extensively out of galleries/museums in the North West of England. Considering the option of teaching from my studio..... or do UK qualifications need to be validated by french authorities? thank you

again Maria, I thank you

is there a minimum t/o for an AE and could someone answer this question please.....are UK qualifications recognised in France? ...

I have a BA hons in fine art painting and an MA in Public Art - would these be respected? I have taught for a number of years in the Uk but hold no formal teaching certificate (as have always taught freelance through galleries/museums etc) and i'm planning to set up a studio in France and may offer lessons - would i need to join a french association or have my qualifications verified? Thank you guys -)))

Gretchen i have been following the discussions regarding AE's as I planning to start a small business next year. In England I have been both a sole trader and ran a small vegetarian cafe. In both cases I have kept simple books - what comes in and what goes out - my accountant examines the books annually and assesses my tax liability and i pay the inland revenue, simple. My understanding of the AE model is that you are taxed on your gross t/o is that correct? Are you allowed to deduct any costs related to the work for example - i teach art and spend £300 on materials for a workshop that i invoice out for £2,000 - I would expect to pay tax on the £1700 - would that be correct in France or would I be taxed on the £2,000? Also is there a personal allowance, similar to the UK in France or do you pay tax on every euro earnt?

Hopefully it will not come to pass. As I am in a Professional Liberale, may not be affected now, but who knows in the future? Seems shortsighted to me. Having paid in to the system I could simply close down and claim basic social security for 6 months which would still get me minimum health cover. Also, now that Sarko has been made to back down over the maximum 2 years rule on healthcare for EU nationals I will could get it that way also. It seems to me that getting a little something from me by way of social contributions (I too am a low earner) is better than paying out benefits and encouraging people to either go on the dole, or work on the black.

I think this is just pandering to voters, who perceive AEs to be dishonest. There was a manifestation earlier this year by artisans who were a "Micro enterprise" claiming that AEs were stealing their business. Not sure what it is like where you are, but it's not easy to get someone out to do a relatively small job. Of course we are in the run up to an election. Picking on the "little guys" when there are plenty of big boys out there getting away with millions. Ah.. but I forgot - they're the fund who illegally fund election campaigns.

Not fair, but not just peculiar to France.

"Got it in one", I would say!

Thank you, Tracy. Will have a look.

This only relates to those in the construction sector and with any luck will not come to pass.

In all honesty, I have no idea...he mentioned it to me as we share premises, & his assumption was he'd end up working on the black, having, in the meantime found himself a low-paid part time salaried position so as to be able to claim benefits.....

At the moment it is only a proposal (just like the obligatory accounts proposal) and it is limited to the building trades.

We will have to wait and see, hopefully it will be defeated by the realists in government. There is currently no lower limit of turnover for AE, for anyone, it is only if you have no turnover at all for 2 years, you are obliged to register under another scheme with compulsory payments. It is quite reasonably, to stop people using A E for healthcare.

For those whose French is limited, have a look here. There is a practical guide for creators of business in English, for the first time. (note - haven't actually looked at it, just thought it might be of use to folks)

In my usual way, I tried to Google translate the article and simply ended up confuse. Can I ask what they propose your friend will be registered as then, with his low turnover? I only ask because I work freelance and also have a very low income. Will we all become micro enterprises do you think or perhaps they will simply not pass the proposal in January.

A friend of mine has already been told his AE status will be removed/no longer valid very shortly as his turnover is "insufficient"....