A bit of a shock from AXA

On checking my bank statement today I saw that there were not the 2 € 7.50 reimbursements notified to me during the month on my health insurance.
I sent off an email but noticed that there is a website to check on such things.
Once there it was confirmed that no payments had been made in October and then I saw the explanation above the account details, my insurance had been cancelled. :astonished:

I’ll have to wait till Wednesday for an explanation but I have checked and I paid for it in one go back in January and it is due to run till February the 3rd next year. Also I have been to the pharmacy today and was a little surprised when she asked my for my mutuelle, but then all was ok.

Very strange.

sounds odd … hope it all works out OK
just thinking aloud… you’ve not hit a major birthday have you… I noticed on another site that certain mutuelles were only offering cover up to xxx age…

Depends what you mean by a major birthday, my 80th is on the 29th of December which is 2 months away give or take, but evan if it was that they shouldn’t be resiling it more than 3 months before the end of what was paid for.

I was thinking that, as some other have on here, going just for hospital only as I was saying when I found this out I’m not too bothered about the odd visit to the doc but we will be in queer street if anything major happened:

Will know more on Wednesday perhaps.

It is not only AXA which has illuminated a discrepancy in the latest bank statement.
On the 7th of September, on receipt of my tax fonciere demand, I paid it immediately online and duly received confirmation of the fact that it had been paid.
According to the statement, at the end of October, this had still not been taken from our bank account.
Now I know they are slow, but 54 days? :astonished:
I am not worried and not going to make a fuss, because I still have the confirmation that it has been paid.

This has been bugging me, as I didn’t think insurance companies could just dump you. Anyway I founf this which makes clear that age and health should not be an issue. So it looks as if your bank might have messed up mightily! Hope you get it sorted.

Les seuls cas où une mutuelle peut résilier un contrat d’assurance sont:

  • En cas de cotisations non payées.

Pour défaut de règlement de la cotisation, dans le cadre de l’article L113-3 du Code des assurances et des articles L221-7 et L221-8 du Code la mutualité.

Toutefois, même dans cette situation, il est tenu auparavant d’envoyer une lettre de mise en demeure, et doit laisser à l’assuré 30 jours pour régulariser sa situation. Passé ce délai seulement, il pourra mettre un terme au contrat.

  • En cas de fausse déclaration lors de la souscription.

Une fausse déclaration peut autoriser l’assureur à mettre un terme au contrat d’un assuré s’il est capable de le prouver.

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that doesn’t sound as if the Mutuelle was cancelled…

I’m wondering if there has been a clawback of the odd 1euro thingies etc… which mount up.
I know that happened to me… I was expecting to see refund coming in… but it didn’t and, when I checked further… the table of charges etc did add up… and the result was that I wasn’t due anything…

Puzzling in both cases @JaneJones and @Stella , but not applicable in any case. The money for the year was paid in full back in January, any suspicion of a false declaration would surely have been notified to me and definitely hasn’t, and not sure what is meant about the clawback. Is that by the insurance then, or what?

It was strange that the pharmacist asked to see my mutuelle though, they do have a record of that one from when I first changed to Axa, but when she tapped in the info to her computer, nothing more was said, so I thought no more about.

But on the Axa website it definitely said ‘resilie’. Also I was notified of the impending payment of both but nothing about them not being paid, till I checked this statement.

And what about the taxe fonciere not being taken after 54 days, I know they are slow, but that is ridiculous? If the bank had messed up and refused the payment, I’m sure someone would have been onto me by now.

As I said, with everybody back at work tomorrow, maybe I’ll get some answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I asked for the taxe foncière to be deducted from my bank account ages ago, snd it also said it had been paid. They finally deducted it a few days ago.

27th October was the date my TF payment hit the bank…

Interesting if a mutuelle can’t dump you (unless you fail to pay them).

Seems the way they would get around that is just by forcing unreasonable price rises? That way people would leave them

Yes, but they haven’t had a chance to do that yet, this is my first year with them.

Well it has been sorted but 2 mysteries remain. Why did I get 2 notifications from AXA at each end of October when only one, the later one, was genuine. That has just arrived in the bank

Secondly where did I get the AXA link which definitely said there were no payments due and that the reason was ‘contrat resilie’. ?

While checking the bank online I also saw that at last the taxe fonciere has been deducted. Anybody would think that the country didn’t need the money. :roll_eyes:

From now on though I will keep those emails from AXA just in case it happens again.

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