A blog post every day for November - anyone up for the Challenge?

I've just discovered that November is NaBloPoMo which stands for National Blog Posting Month. The goal is to write a blog post every day throughout November. It's a way to get your creative juices going and hopefully bring more traffic to your blog. I thought it would be a challenge to have a go.

I'm not sure I'll be able to achieve it as I struggle to make 1 post a week at times, but I'm going to give it a go. Anyone fancy joining me?

To be fair, you write a lot more than me !!!

I'm lucky to have a friend who I send my blog posts to and she corrects my French. So a couple of days after I post it normally is all correct, but it is hard work.

Well done Alison, and you're doing it in French too - Bravo! I couldn't possibly manage that! You've got some lovely ideas there, I'll have to take a closer look when I've got time.

I'm finding it really hard as we're just so busy at our Garden Centre (busiest time of the year), so feeling annoyed with myself for voluteering to do it, but I'm not a quitter!

Only 7 days to go now and I can go back to just blogging when I feel like it!

Hi Nikki,

I'm still in there !! I've programmed most for this week now, just a couple of gaps to fill. And I'm trying to get ready for our Convention at Disneyland Paris next week. But at least all that work will fill most of the postings until the end of the month !!

My blog is


I really admire people who are organised enough to post every day. I think I will be able to finish November and December is easy because of all the Christmas projects I will do but I may slow down (or collapse) come January.

How's it going Alison? Are you managing to keep it up? I'm still going - I struggled a little of the weekend as it's difficult to find the time (and get to the computer), so I had a couple of short posts. I'm enjoying it though and I'm getting lots of encouraging comments which is keeping me going.

What's your blog address and I'll come and visit you :)

Here's my latest blog about finding time for yourself, talking of which .....


Well I've finally got my first post up. Been a bit of a hectic day with all the kids home and one poorly, so haven't had the opportunity until now. http://amotherinfrance.blogspot.com How about you Alison? What's your blog address?

Sounds like a great start for you Alison, I'd better get my thinking cap on!

I managed to make a few cards and boxes this afternoon, so along with the regular features (design Team for Simply Stampin' on Saturday and Scrapbook Sunday) I should be good for this week so far.

I've got a few swaps due to come next week so that will cover another couple of days.

Quite motivated about this !!

Good luck Nikki !!!

Yes I know what you mean Joanna. The real challenge will be to keep it interesting rather than blogging for the sake of it. Time is my biggest hurdle, but also I have to be in mood to write and sometimes nothing comes. I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes.

That's great Alison. I'm really not sure I'll be able to do it but I think it will be good try.

Mmm, I'm not sure about this, I think less is more in many cases. Though I admire those who can blog every day if they've got something interesting to blog about I think I'd be really pushing it if I tried to do a post a day.

Oh this sounds hard but I'll give it a go too. I normally do 4 posts a week.

At least Christmas is coming so I can start to show lots of Christmas projects !!!