A brief intro of ME!


We being myself Caz & husband bought our house almost 10 years ago for family holidays. Husband chose to retire early this year and my being more than a decade before retirement age hoped to improve enough to job hunt. Well that went by the by after driving for 8hours to Calais & sitting in traffic having someone go in the back of me with such force I then went in the back of the next vehicle :frowning: so I’m learning first hand about french healthcare, way before I thought I’d need to. Aside from that adjusting to a new life has been relatively smooth, just our dog is not getting her 5-10k daily walks :frowning: We are now a part of village associations which is helping improve our language on a day to day level enormously (reading & writing is slower)

If there is a downside its daytime occupation not being at work. Spring & summer busy in the garden, folklore festivals hosting the visitors of these or family & friends. But hey getting there!!

Though we’re inland there are some great l’etangs locally to walk round and still plenty of areas to visit. Our dog is dual language, pet passported and she keeps us as active as we can be, all to easy to sit back go online or watch DVDs!

Until the accident I was searching out dance social clubs/lessons but had to put that on hold for now. My latest hobbie is to learn needlepoint to make a keepsake for son’s wedding, I’ve an understanding of sewing, have use of a machine & an overlocker and can knit too!

Well hope that’s not bored the pants off you! but that’s me :slight_smile:

Did you enjoy your visit? We are 25ish kms away from St Pourcain and like the town :)

Hooray at last a photo to say a better Hello.....

According to the avatar Caz is in Chantelle which is near to Vichy. That's a coicidence because we're spending three days in a gîte about twenty kms away from tomorrow ! A very nice local wine on the doorstep at Saint Pourcain...

Where in France are you?

Where are you?