A ceasefire.... fingers crossed

Hopeful news.


Israel will agree just to stop their Eurovision entry from being booed out of the contest.

Netanyahu won’t agree to it. He is utterly evil. He and his Hawks don’t want anything but the obliteration of the Palestinian people and the West (especially the US but UK and others) have given him carte blanche to achieve exactly that. I despair!

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I agree, the last thing Netanyahu wants is a ceasefire, that’s when he will be called to account, at home and abroad. Ben-Givr and Smotrich don’t want a ceasefire because the genocide isn’t complete yet.

Biden has a lot of innocent blood on his hands.

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Bomb shipments “paused”… too little too late, but better than nothing…

Probably worked out there’s enough en route already been shipped to “finish the job” so the US couldn’t possibly offend anyone in Israel.

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I’m not sure even if and when there is a ceasefire, that life can go back to being the way it was, or even if it should

Vengeance in many ways will continue for generations

Good article…

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