A challenge for a little fun

The car had been parked outside in the rain for over 4 hours. Wiper blades sweeping intermittently, only the occasional glow from a cigarette betraying the occupant. A mobile vibrated excitedly. From that moment forward nothing would be the same again. Claude is coming and his sciatica is affecting balance.

Extract from The Circle of Stars by David “J R Hartley” Wren.

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I fell in love with Nigel Farage
He’d booked up for a weekly massage
A handsome witty thoughtful chap
With a body to die for, and a brain to match,

Then I woke up…


Ann, I’ve checked three times now and I come up with 50. No big deal. Cheers. It was fun!

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49 if you don’t count the … as a word and count hyphenated words as 1
50 if count the … as a word and count hyphenated words as 1
51 if you don’t count the … as a word but count hyphenated words as 2
52 - you get the idea


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Well here’s one that I think, after a recount, goes 38 words :wink:

The crunch of fresh snow under the tyres, an icy wind,
Pat wished this damned cold weather would end.

Dazzling lights, sudden blackness, heat, blazing heat, then a voice…
“your wish has been granted, welcome to Hell Pat.”

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OK, I know it is more than 50 words but,…


Suppose mine was 51, if you count the one where Ann said, I was 49 short :roll_eyes:
Complicated, amusin’ yersel’, innit. :grinning:

The sun shines while you’re sitting
contemplating a solitary blade of grass.
Suddenly a sun-warmed, skinny little body comes
racing up and bowls you over with a
wet smooch, a gigantic hug,
or a stolen daffodil from Mom’s garden.
It’s then, you find the real reason for little sisters.


That’s lovely Mary :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Still dark, schoolmate arrives with the ropes, we walk to the foot of Chamonix, in Borrowdale. Chris leads. Sitting on a ledge, I clip onto the first belay. As he sets off, I drink in the magnificence of the view of Derwentwater and the Fells beyond in the early light.


Last night I saw my Dad again.
Not in my usual dreams but on a long forgotten video tape from 1994.
Visiting Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, lunch in a restaurant, coffee with friends.
It took my breath away. I miss him so much.
Last night I saw my Dad again. :cry:


Oops sorry about that…try again…! Lol… x :smile:

Her beating heart quickens, aligning with Mother Earth’s heartbeat…Hearing acutely cries of children, trees, dolphins, bees, whales, Seas…

Silently drawing her bow and arrow…stepping into Dreamtime…merging consciousness with ethers…prepared for battle…

Entering The Shadowlands, familiarity, She’s been here before…

Only now…She will make it count…

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Lovely Mandy and poignant too :cry::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Got there lol :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

The challenge is open in French too of course :blush:

Not as easy to translate to French, I found.

Le soleil brille pendant que tu es assis
en regardant une lame d’herbe solitaire.
Soudain, un petit corps réchauffé par le soleil se heurte
avec un doux baiser, un câlin gigantesque,
ou une jonquille volée du jardin de maman …
Et vous trouvez la vraie raison pour les petites sœurs.

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T’was too hot
To play outside
So Jim played inside


Returning from Intermarche, the snowy Pyrenees beckoned. It was too easy to just pass the end of the road home. Algeciras was only a few hours away and with a ferry ticket bought, he was on the way to Tangier. Soon after, the desert lay ahead of him again.


Well done Roger, I hope his wife wasn’t at home waiting for the groceries :wink: