A challenge for a little fun

Hello everyone, because it’s too hot to work outside after 11 am I am spending a lot of time in the cool inside.
I am throwing down a challenge…the idea is that you write (your own work please) a short story of 50 words or less .
To start the ball rolling here is one I did earlier :wink:


The endless rows, his shouting,
her spirit slowly dying.

Holding the knife, his abusive words
echo in her head.

It’s time now for him to suffer…

He falls to his knees in anguish,
the fragrant roses tumbling from his hands,
as he sees her lifeless form on the bloodstained sheets .


Whoops :roll_eyes:

One fine day in the middle of the night
two dead boys began to fight.
Back to back they faced each other
drew their swords and shot each other.
A blind policeman saw the noise
and went to kill those two dead boys…


Her beating heart quickens to…and aligns with the heart beat of Mother Earth…

Hearing acutely the cries of the children the whales…the dolphin…the bees…the trees the sea…

Silently she draws her bow and arrow and stepping into Dreamtime…merging her consciousness with the ethers…with all that is…She prepares for battle…

On the click of Dreamtime she enters The Shadowlands…it’s familiar…

She’s been here before…

This Time though…She will make it count…


I need to learn the sequel. What happens next… Please continue the story?

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Here’s my 50-word contribution:

She’s 300 miles away when the France consulate informs her: the long-term visa was approved. It’s arrived via courier at her now far-away physical address, unreachable. The wind … a storm is brewing. It sits against the front door of the locked house. A wind blows, ruffling its plastic encasement.

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Vey nice Helen BUT the idea is 50 words or less …:slight_smile:

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Like it, 51 words though :wink:
Not easy is it !

You need another 49 words Bill :rofl:


:+1: :rofl:
You did say 50
Or less :slightly_smiling_face:

A mother appeals to the Priest, (a native of ‘Fair Isle’) a tough man.
“I have a poltergeist”.
"Oh I will exorcise it, don’t worry.
Stewart went along to do ‘His stuff’.
Left hurridly, shortly after!
Not my finest hour, confessed a shaken Stewart to me over a dram later!


Well you made it Bill ! :star_struck:


Is that your own work Carl ?
Only asking 'cos it sounds like one of those ditties my dad was always coming out with. :wink:
If its your own work, then well done at only 43 !

Aye - It was something I wrote in Flo’s Posie book back in 1980 (in Salzburg) and has just stuck in my head ever since although I might have heard it elsewhere myself back then - most likely!. I was 17 at the time.
I have another, but it is over 50 words…

I think that is quite likely as my father was fond of reciting a very similar rhyme in the 1970’s

It is reminiscent of Lear but I do not think that it is by him.

Maybe a little story of 50 words or less with a Brexit theme ? (groan) :dizzy_face:

Take back control, they said; restore our sovereignty, they said. Oh how we jumped at the chance, only to discover that chance bit back and emptied our supermarket shelves. All will be well soon; the application is nearly complete. We should be the 51st state early next year with luck!


Yeeeees !! A star is born :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Did you ever doubt it Ann, :wink:
True story btw!

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Remarkably I hit 50 words exactly on the first draft.

I’m still trying to think of an upbeat Brexit themed one for balance, perhaps, with apologies for the slight racism, this will do:

Brexit means Brexit, let’s start the fun
We’ve freed good old Blighty from the Hun
Tally-Ho! Rees-Mogg’s at the helm
Let’s make Britain “Great” again.
Farage on point, Fox at the ready
The trade deal’s waiting, just hold the ship steady.


Edit: Hmm, better with the last two lines but still doesn’t finish off with enough of a fourish.