A Christmas Message For You

The rain, it raineth every day…

The world continues to end with a protracted whimper, not the Mayan-style predicted bang. This is surely thanks to my friend Bret’s preventative party on Friday evening. We owe our continued existence to his foresight.

So, never mind Armageddon. The four horsemen have ridden off for the time being. The shoppers are back out in force in the frantic last-minute sprint to Christmas. We’re all busy spending our hard-earned money before hyperinflation renders it worthless. That’s got to be good news for the High Street and good news for the balance of payments.

Meanwhile, chez Sampson, the fridge is indecently well packed and The Daughter is back for the holidays. Cue loud hosannas on the dog’s meadow. She and her mother have dressed the tree that I picked out the other day at Intermarché with my own fair hands. I have an unerring eye for a shapely sapin. They did a wonderful job on Saturday night under the supervision of our watchful fat-cat Myrtle, who squeezed her comfortable frame onto the top of the steps to eye-up a particularly provocative bauble. Flushed by their artistry, the girls then knuckled down to the task of going through the complete series of The Killing 3 while I assembled a compilation CD or two as stocking fillers.

As sometimes happens around this time of year, Providence has brought me some paid work at last, so I shall be busy over Yul’s tide. Real proper work brings a slight shimmer to my bank balance, but sends me into a complete spin. The weight of unseen customers’ expectations unsettles my digestion and throws my nervous system generally into turmoil. It confirms (if ever I needed it) that I wasn’t made for work. I should have been a pair of claws… Or a rich man. All day long I could tiddle-tiddle pom – if I were a wealthy man. I could use my enormous wealth to bring world peace at this time of supposed good will. I could bring comfort and joy to humanity and all creatures great and small. I could sponsor some clever brains-trust to find a way to arrest the melting of the polar ice cap.

But I’m not. Never mind, I certainly can’t complain about my lot and… It’s Chriiiiiiiii-ssssstmas! as Noddy Holder would have us remember. So, while shepherds divest themselves of their footwear in preparation for the ceremonial nocturnal washing of socks, and while herald angels tune up in glorious unison, may I take this opportunity – loyal and valued followers and gentle readers, one and all – to wish you a very merry Christmas and a new year full of eastern promise and hope for the future.

Ding dong merrily on high, Hosanna in excelsis!

Hi all, I am a new member. I do not live in France but wish I did. I live in Virginia in the US. I visit friends in Paris at every opportunity-ok, summers as I am a teacher and have a few weeks off in the summer. I found this site through a French Canadienne friend who posted a video on how to Fake Speaking French which was hilarious! So I thought it would be fun to make friends and enjoy something far away from Virginia. My French is rusty so the video gave me tips on how to cover my deficiencies! I have been encourage to post a photo and will do so as soon as I can take a decent one.

Bless you Brian, I'd contribute several million to your childhood fund. You're clearly of the school of thought that people like Depardieu doth protest too much. Why you should even think that you need more than a million a year is quite beyond me. Let him rot among the Belgians, I say. On the other hand, a very happy Christmas to you and yours among the Gauls - and let's hope for a rather better 2013, globally speaking. Thanks by the way for listening to the radio. Their website is a little mystifying, I have to say. Toodle-pip!

A man after my own heart Mark. How true. When asked what I would do with one of these €184 million prizes on SFN, I said that I would put 100 million into a foundation to do real research into childhood, perhaps even more. We do not need untold millions to live on. So perhaps with the 'leftovers', to you know €40 or so, I'd fund serious environmental research to add to the excellent work already going on. But like you I can only pretend to be Topol and hum 'If I was a rich man'. Happy Christmas to you and yours and may BE 2556 be a very good one.

PS Trying to RSVP the radio show but it does not open a comments box...