A clever assessment of the Tories' woes IMHO

I loved this line “Denouncing policy failure from the pulpit of incumbency has become a speciality of the Tory right.” and “The Conservative party is appalled by the state of a country it has been governing for the past 13 years. Who could be responsible?” :joy:

I’m obviously going to have to read Dotty Dorries book, it’ll be a side splitter, but how do I get a copy without her getting royalties from my purchase? Wait until it’s remaindered?


Watched Rishi’s inaugural speech the other evening. “I look forward to serving the party I love so much”
Couldnt give a shit about the country then Rishi?


Yes. He’s given up on the country: the only aim now is continuity.

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His, and his criminal cohorts in the tory mafia, only aim now is to plunder the coffers of UK plc for as much as they can before throwing in the towel…

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Quite a good article I agree.

My main comment is “Sunak has friends?!?”

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He can buy friends. Most ultra rich people do. Not the right sort of friends though.

I’d ague that they aren’t friends, just paid cronies.

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I wonder which Indian sweatshop developed the NATS system? :thinking:

Nah, go down your local tip in about… three weeks ?


Exactly. Paid for ‘friends’

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