A Danger to Democracy

A Select Committee of MP’s has produced a report which says that the tactics used by Vote Leave during the Referendum amount to a danger to democracy.
They strongly criticised the head of Vote Leave, who is already undergoing police investigation.
They also criticised large social media providers for allowing their platforms to be used by the promulgators of extreme views, scare tactics, hate messages and foreign interference in the democratic process.
What will it take to actually nullify the Referendum now we know how people were manipulated by Vote Leave.
We still hear from the rabid Brexiteers that Remain used scare tactics, but the reality has now been revealed by this report.


I bet you have something to say re UK democrazy(?)

Perhaps said Select Committee would also care to look at all the various claims made by Messrs Cameron and Osborne during the referendum campaign ?

It’s not really an earth-shattering revelation that politicians, especially Tories, tell lies - but there is a difference between this, which most people are alert to, and the shenanigans that went on in the Leave campaign, which extended to illegal funding, covert foreign interference (eg. we now know 35,000 pro-leave tweets actually originated in Russia), etc…