A day out at Bruges

Bruges is a suburb of Bordeaux/Lac and his the home of Aquitane RSI.
An office for avoidance...however ,impossible to do so.

I would imagine that I have telephoned about 300 times....quoting names and hoping to speak

to this person who has dealt with our problem last week or last month.

But even though you call a Bordeaux office you can arrive at one in Pau, Bayonne or Paris.

But so far not India or the Ivory Coast.

My young...EX ACCOUNTANT who looks like Jean Christophe Novelli...and younger but is

just as charming declines to apologise for not listiening to me and for messing up our tax.

So yesterday we got in the car for a day away in Bordeaux and spent 15 mins in an

office with a young lady who was desperatly trying to find a way to get out of sorting the mess

of making a refund AND seeing things as they really were.

Armed with everything...REQUESTED by RSI all copies of tax papers which we had collected

from Libourne...the young lady was defenceless. However she kept on trying.

Come back with someone who speaks fluent French.

Not a case of fluent French it is about the crazy RSI system and my French is not great.

She agreed that she understood me but I did not understand her. Poppy cots ....Just phone

my accountant....EX...whom she kept saying He has not been in touch.

So she did.At last.

So click...CLICK

Yes the figures would be corrected and I asked her very politely how many

years it will take ....she said one month.

Maybe some time this year we will get our refund.

Maybe....WHERE there is life there is hope.