A disaster waiting to happen

At a friends house recently I met a guy who had briefly been employed at one of France’s world famous tourist attractions. He resigned after a short stay when he discovered that for a number of years the company that manages the site had been ignoring safety requirements/repairs/improvements demanded by various authorities including the pompiers. Instead of such requirements being enforced the relevant authorities seem to consider the attraction so important to the local economy that they are prepared to turn a blind eye. His view was and is that a serious life threatening accident is almost inevitable. The mans problem is that he doesn’t know who to turn to to get something done about this situation. My best suggestion was to contact an investigative news body like Mediapart. Does anyone have any alternatives that I could pass on to him?

Right, probably the way to go. I would send a copy of the letter to the Préfet to the pompiers, in which case they would be able to go, inspect and order immediate action or closure with the support of the Préfet.

Lodge a written complaint with the gendarmerie. They then HAVE to do something about it & take responsibility if something isn't done & a disaster occurs. Or the Préfet (in writing) and then Mediapart or the like.