A Disaster waiting to happen!

How many times have you seen this at a French Petrol station - difficult to see but guess what is in his left hand !!!!

Taken with my mobile just before Xmas .

I've seen this quite a few times; the last time was when I had my daughter in the car with me - when I realised the bloke smoking was the garage owner, decided this was not a good place to be and left, never to return!

Ha Ha, subtle :wink:

I live in the south but have obviously not taken much notice as I'd say something or leave if I did see someone smoking at the pump ;-)

I travel all over France and it seems the more South you go the more common it is. I was once in Nice and an old chap pulled up in a"chicken shed" with the fag in his mouth. I asked him to to put it out and was met with a lot of abuse. The temp was well over 35 and you could see the petrol vapour around the pumps. I left !!

I spoke to a lady last week also smoking at the pumps and she replied " c'est ok c'est gazole" but she did stamp it out on the floor !!!!

never seen it before but will keep an eye out in future, absolutely crazy!

Tut! You'd think they would learn! The "no smoking" sign is usually next to the "no mobile phones" sign....:-)

It was - he had it in his mouth then moved it behind is back just as he started to pump the fuel into his car. This is a pet hate of mine and I have seen it many times in France - generally I do not hang around but could not resist a photo !!!!!

No, please tell me it wasn't a fag...! :-O