A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

My latest blog post on the usefulness of online forums…

I wonder if anyone has any other tips?

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Nice. A thought: you might specify whether the predominance of posters, or the focus perhaps, is from the perspective of, say those based in or from UK, or USA, or Australia, non-EU, etcetera?

You say you’ve browsed hundreds of different forums. So I do wonder at your listing only three. Will there be more?

Also, and finally, a small thought: you sometimes lose a preposition here and there. I miss those, and the lack of these while not really messing with the meaning of what you’ve written, does mess with the rhythm of my reading and intimates that perhaps you didn’t do a final proof-read. The latter does call into question, a tiny bit, the credibility of what you write. It just seems that much more sound when the details are all there.

Cheers. Hope you keep posting.

Fauteuil adorable, mon cher Gideon, vivant comme un coq en pâte ! :rooster:

Grouch :grimacing:

Hi Mary. Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions.

I say that I’ve browsed hundreds of threads rather than forums but I’ll certainly add any others that are still regularly used as I come across them.

I think it might just be my writing ‘style’ but I’ll think more carefully about my use of prepositions in future.

I’m aiming to post a blog once a week and will post a link on here for as long as the moderators let me get away with it. Cheers.

According to Google translate: “Adorable armchair, my dear Gideon, living like a cock in paste!” I’m wondering if it loses something in translation? :wink:

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You will probably get away with it for as long as you list Survive France first :slight_smile:


Dismayingly, it does, but never mind :cry::grinning: