A future environmentally sound addition to your garden?

The link is to the most informative article I’ve yet read on self-composting funerals - it’s from an architecture & design mag!

Recompose human composting facility transforms bodies into soil (dezeen.com)

It’s done in a number of countries Mark - but not yet legal in France (last I heard).

I know, wonder if it’s due to opposition from the Catholic Church, funeral directors, crematoria, opposition to US originated ideas, or just ‘good’ old-fashioned ignorance? If I have a criticism of France it’s not the paperwork and bureaucracy but a seemingl reluctance to look at other cultures’ solutions to problems.

OTOH I think it’s such a good idea in so many ways. Incidentally have you read Foucault on French cemetaries and heterotopias?’

Haven’t read any of that, (yet) but in a different world, human composting on a standardised universal scale could replenish depleted soils worldwide. Sounds eminently sensible to me, but no doubt will never happen.

Even more macabre

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You can already buy cremation trinkets in the uk

How does that work then?

Obviously diamonds are pure carbon - but cremation ash is, well - mostly isn’t carbon at all.

It’s mostly calcium phosphate from bones.

I guess there might be enough residual carbon to make a small diamond, Wikipedia reckons 1-4%, but it’s just as likely to be from the coffin as from your loved one.

Isnt it marketing for putting remains inside some crystal glass container as it is in the UK?

The ultimate in up-cycling.

I expect it is a rather unpleasant task to ‘harvest’ the hair and bones, before cremation. Probably creates a miniscule ‘diamond’. Too bizarre. I gather it is quite popular for pet owners. :scream_cat: