A Gite - 6 or 12 months time (rental request)

Preferably in the Pyrenees (both departments)

But any country side tranquil setting would do well (Creuze, Bretagne, Savoie, just anywhere)

Our MUST requirements:

  • Fenced Garden or Acreage

  • Pet(cat)friendly home-owners

  • Budget around 600-700-800 € Inclusive (negotiable)

  • Strong & Stable Internet Connection (work from home)

  • Not too isolate but samewise not too crowded neighbours


  • A Bath tube (my evening de-stress)

  • A pool

  • Eco-friendliness (and organic-bio foods)

Contact me via comment section or inbox if you , some friend of you , anyone has a place for 6-12 months. Payments are guaranteed before hand, deposit not an issue either.

We endorse clear and upfront, direct communication - so don't lure us into a deal that is not meeting our requirements just because you have a need to fill in space! :! :)

Serious applications (only) very welcome.

Cheers - I

Cerhyl, I understand but thank you nevertheless for reaching out.

I had a fun break when i was imagining the animals walking past :)
Sounds like an idyllic area !

I'll keep you in mind and best of luck!

Thank you Paul !
I will send you a personal message sounds very interesting.
The rental could start 25th of March 6 or 12 months.

Ivan, I have just discussed this with my (French) husband and we think that the tax situation will be a bit complicated if we rent it out (we are UK residents). So if you are stilling looking for a place when we are there in August, it will give us a chance to investigate the tax issues.

The nearest town is Quillan. The property is a traditional stone built village one, and the (rare)traffic goes by the front door. There are also a couple of dogs which hang around the village and our neighbour opposite keeps her two cats in mostly but takes them for walks...

Occasionally a herd of sheep goes past our door...

Get in touch if you haven't found the right place by the summer (which seems a long way away at the moment!) Good luck.

Hello Ivan,

My wife and I and our 4 cats live in a large house in the Gironde (33), with 1 acre of garden/fields, and surrounded by vines. Attached to our house, but having its own independent access, is a comfortable, centrally-heated roomy 2-bedroomed gite which we use for friends, family, etc., but which we do not rent out commercially on a regular basis, although we might do so occasionally given a suitable situation. The gite is fully-furnished, with a huge lounge and a large,l fully-equipped kitchen/diner.We are in beautiful countryside about 5km from the nearest town (Ste-Foy-La-Grande) and 2km from a small village (Les Leves et Thoumyragues) with a bakery, post office, petrol station, restaurant, etc. Having a car here is essential. We are in a very small hamlet of 4 houses, two of which are currently unoccupied and for sale, and one of which has a charming French family in residence for part of the time.

Dealing with your essential requirements:

Our garden is partially fenced, but we do have two cat-secure enclosures (completely fenced and net-roofed), with lockable gates and cat-flap entries. One could be made available for your use. The gite does not have its own private garden, but you would be welcome to share the use of ours. The Gite does have its own patio and a parking space.

Very cat friendly!

As to your budget, are you referring to a monthly or weekly amount? (You have not specified this). If monthly, then this would not be adequate. We would seriously consider a 6 to 12 month let.

By local standards we do have a strong and mainly stable internet connection, which does cover the gite.

As explained above, we are quite rural but close to all amenities and, whilst not totally isolated, we are not crawling with neighbours. There is, however, a large pool of anglophones within a reasonable radius.

As to your options:

The gite has a shower room with thermostatically-controlled shower, vanity basin and toilet. There is no bath-tub, but our own house has a ground floor bathroom with a bathtub which could be made available to you. The gite also has a second toilet.

We have a heated indoor swimming pool (with shower room and toilet) of which you could have shared use. The pool is sanitised by an ionisation/oxidisation/subsonic system, which avoids the need for chlorine or salt. The only chemicals used are for regulating the pH.

Eco-friendliness is a big and broad subject. We support ecological friendliness, but perforce drive petrol and diesel vehicles, have oil-fired central-heating, etc. We cannot afford to buy new, supposedly more eco-friendly vehicles, nor change our heating boiler. The gite has double-glazed windows and we have recently replaced the former roof with a new insulated roof. Organic foods can be purchased from local growers, livestock-raisers, a bio and health food store at Ste Foy, and from market stalls every Saturday at Ste Foy.

I hope the above has given you a flavour of what we can offer, and if it interests you please feel free to email me at: mel.anthony@wanadoo.fr or by telephone on: 0557460315.


Mel Anthony


We are currently renovating a property for completion around October time. It is a 3 bed house with garden and 600m2 Potager in Loire Valley- Loché-sur-Indrois 37460. It is part of a longere so has 2 neighbours on one side and the rest is farm land.

Meets all your must requirements!

Is it of any interest??


Lots of organic farming and suppliers in the area.

Ivan - how many bedrooms do you require and when would you wish to start the rental? We have a brand new large (60m2) 1 bed gite in the Haute Garonne with a bath and brand new swimming pool. We comply with all of your criteria and have 2 cats. If you are interested suggest that you supply e-mail address so we can discuss outside of this forum.

Thank you Mark,

funny everyone is concerned with the bath (yes I mentioned!).

End of August is a bit out of our dates but I will have a look in the site nevertheless.


Hi Cheryl,

Sounds very interesting and by the sounds big ?
Pool is just a bonus not necessity. So with bath, seriously a plus but not a must.

Can you pm me more details please:

Name of town

m2 of house and garden

our cat likes to wander so the road - is it traffic?

Internet working well, price ? :)

Thank you!

We may have something suitable for you, in the Creuse and available from the end of August. Website is www.sansonneche.com No bath in the gite, but we do have a hot tub.

Ivan, we have a property in a tiny village in Aude (close to Bugurach) and have been thinking of letting it out. It has 4 bedrooms, a very large garage/workshop, an enclosed field/garden over the road and an adjoining barn which we have been intending to renovate/turn into another property (for about 10 years...!). The bathroom has a bath, but we will probably replace it this year as the surface is scratched. No pool, I'm afraid, although we did think of putting one in the barn.

There are a number of organic-type businesses in the area (and a bio fair in Couiza every year). One of the neighbours is very keen and knowledgeable about organic gardening (also plants her tomatoes etc according to the phases of the moon!).

Does this sound of interest?

there is some text missing here !

not sure what happened but i'm going to re-edit it with what is missing

The villa is available from 1st November 2017, between St Raphael and St Maxime, Var department
It’s late
During winter, the price is 730€/month and electrick consumption to pay
Here is the website, if you want

Best regards

@agnes - this post is from February.

edit : ooops I just noticed you’re posting on multiple threads trying to promote your own gite.

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