A good read

(Liane Edwards) #1

My mum belongs to a book reading club in her village and sends me her books after she’s finished. The best book by far for me is ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohan Mistry. I have lent to it a few friends who also loved it and couldn’t put it down. It’s one that I will certainly read again one day.

(Wendy Wise) #2

Yes, Catharine, it’s good to rediscover a forgotten writer. Monica Dickens was big on Pony books too, if I remember rightlly. I think she also wrote some autobiographies about her nursing career …digging deep in the memory banks here…

(Wendy Wise) #3

We’d love to know what everyone one out there is reading or has read recently, whether it’s a really good read or not so good. Is it something so good you’d never part with it or something you’ve read once but would be happy to pass on…???

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Please tell more Liane!
I’ve just finished Mariana by Monica Dickens which was absolutely brilliant - made me laugh and cry. The novel is a snapshot of a young girls life and loves. Its a Persephone Editions copy- I love their books - great forgotten titles and lovely format too - they are a pleasure to own as well as read.

(Wendy Wise) #5

Hi Liane,

Welcome to Bookworms! What’s ‘A Fine Balance’ about?