A Great Chef .. sadly, bites the dust

Sounds like a great character…sorry I missed out on his Menu du Jour

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He also gave his name to a great range of cookers…

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He is quoted as saying…

“Je travaille comme si j’allais vivre 100 ans et je savoure la vie comme si chaque jour était le dernier”

I reckon that’s a good way to live… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This looks a lovely place… one for the bucket list perhaps… :star_struck: watch this on Full Screen… and you’re almost there… :heart_eyes:

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I use quite a few of his recipes. The lemon tart alwsys goes down well.
It is a sad loss.

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It’s a little sad that his wish for a discrete funeral did not quite come off… :wink:

but it was obviously a magnificent ceremony… I’m left wondering who stayed behind to cook lunch, with all those Chef’s absent from the kitchen…:sunglasses: :wink: