A Great Place to Live

A Great Place to Live- A fab way to see spain, is to live in the country. Vera , Almeria, Spain

Superb Carol Ann.

If you have time read the rather disjoined thread on the Photography Mag... and get up to speed. You'll note that there is the SFN ArtVillage online a Digital glossy already having had 1200ish Views with ISSUU, and we hope that a Bespoke Monthly Title for the New Design and Craft Group, will follow shortly.

We have, as you will gather, some highly talented folk on SFN who are also most helpful and supportive on an endless basket of subjects.

Everyone helps each other, and on Projects such as mentioned the 'teamwork' is professional and offered freely. I don't know how you are fixed time-wise... perhaps we can Skype? Like yourself there are many folk here who are pretty switched on...and with out question bouncing the Creative stuff ( my favourite ) to FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest etc etc is always a Boon.

If we as a network adhere to a rule that is that that we are all aware that the efforts of the Network owners is second to none.. so link-backs to SFN is always in the composite mind!!!


Hi Ron, I will send you a copy of the wooden boat 300dpi if that ok, and thank you, I have just joined the art department, just let me know what you need for the photo mag.

Carol Ann,

I'd love to feature your 'wooden boat' in this Mag... I have a copy on a blog but do you have a high res copy?

You ok to find the links to Art Department and The Darkroom? Joining is automatic.

Carol Ann, have you contemplated joining the ART DEPARTMENT and the Darkroom ( photography )

We are looking for input on the forthcoming Photography Mag.

Your creativity I know well... and your organisational skills helped our plight tremendously when we worked together on the West Sussex College of Design Web Site and Facebook Page... please come on board...you'll love it!


This is great!