A legal dilemma!

Hi All,

I am facing a bit of a dilemma! Last week whilst visiting a friend I suffered an injury which will effectively stop me from working until Christmas. He had temporarily relocated an electric fence across his driveway to allow his horses to wander from one field to another on the far side of his drive. A chair was places in the middle to alert people to the temporary fence. Unfortunately I tripped on the fence! Now, I really hate these snivelling adverts you see on telly urging one to sue a third party because you failed to realise that trainers are not the best choice of footwear for a steel works or that the kids' pool ladder is not ideal for roof repairs BUT I will have NO income for months - or at least very little (AE).

I have been friends with this couple for some years & have yet to speak to them about this - they are French & have always been very good to me. I feel that if they are going to be put to any trouble I will leave it, but I think we all have liability cover on our house insurances.
. How can I broach the subject without them thinking that I could be consdered "hostile"?

It is an insurance matter and they should be covered, so why not talk to them about it over a drink. But don't forget your breathalyser if you do!