A Linky meter catches fire

Electricity can and does cause fires…
Certainly does, but I am more afraid of storms as we have had several incidents locally of house fires after homes being struck by lightning.
3 in the same lieu-dit here in one night, 2 houses occupied, one a slight fire, one a miraculous escape as the occupant was just going to bed when the lighting struck his house, caused a surcharge and his bedroom caught fire. Luckily the fireman were already on place for the first fire, so were able to react very quickly. The 3rd was a maison secondaire that was burnt out whilst waiting for another tender to arrive. The firemen quite rightly giving priority to the occupied properties ! The 3rd house needed extensive work, including new roof, floors, window and doors being replaced, thankfully paid for by their insurance.

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Well, if Sud Ouest are “scaremongering”… I’m sure someone will officially pull them up on it.:relaxed:

As far as I can see, the article is quite clear and reports what happened … :zipper_mouth_face:

When the results of the enquiry are made known… I will post them as an update on this Thread… :relaxed:

yup, news story with no facts bar what people are thinking. As I said so far I have seen no story that hass been reported that has proven how dangerous these boxes are.

Hi Harry…

Yup… As I said, the News Report is stating what happened and is awaiting the results of the enquiry into why it happened. :zipper_mouth_face:

Technically you said latest Linky Information, no mention of News report. As I said though most of the others are just that news stories on how bad they are or shared from anti linky groups who avoid any information that may question their thinking.

most of the stuff is still being investigated from ages back. and after a couple of years still no finding that linky ws at fault.

Im sure at some stage a report or 2 will come out and the anti linky folks will be shouting told you so told you but avoid the stuff that says linky was not to blame.

I am “debating the story” Why is it some folks as soon as anyone disagrees with them its classed as “having a go at them” You have questioned me in the past and I’m not claiming folks are “having a go at me”. I have my opinion and im entitled to share it or should i just not have an opinion? In that case you are having a go at me for having a different opinion.

Anyhow im off to enjoy the sunshine with the dogs.


Harry… I opened this Thread with what I considered to be the latest information on Linky. It is printed in the local Newspaper. It happened in the last few days and is considered to be Newsworthy. I also clearly stated that it would be interesting to learn the outcome.

I am not sure why you keep having a go at me and what I am posting.

Please feel free to ignore any Thread that I write…:zipper_mouth_face:

Oh… and the sunshine is due to last for several days yet, so you and your dogs will be able to have a whale of a time outside … :relaxed:

I had mine checked and the wires had been put in wrong the electrician said it was such a basic and stupid mistake. I’m think everyone should have them checked it a two minuite job

I was told it’s not allowed in France to refuse a Linky by the person who pitched up unexpectedly to install one.

In the UK you can refuse a Linky - there are privacy issues associated with it.

I seem to recall it depended on where it was. If they had to come inside, be it your house, garage, barn etc then you could. If it was publicly accessible somehow then no. Perhaps it was more that your chance to reject one was gone as “you didn’t respond to the letters to say so” (which presumably you didn’t get) so by the time they arrive to fit it it’s too late, unless it’s in an accessible place as I mentioned.

Also worth saying that as of today you may be able to say no in the U.K., but it was the same with water meters, and the pressure got stronger and the reasons/ability to decline has become more and more narrow that at this stage if the water company decides they want you to have one you have a real fight on your hands, and little chance it will go in your favour, to not end up with one. I would quite expect the same will happen with smart meters.

I have no idea if this is an urban myth or not, but I do know that if didn’t accept one you will get charged should anything happen to your old one. So you will be down several hundred euros for a new meter.

Urban myth I think. Our meter has always been on the road verge outside in a cabinet.

We were notified in spring last year that we were to have a Linky meter. The fitter arrived and spent 30 minutes attempting to install the Linky in our house to replace the existing meter and eventually announced he couldn’t install it and ERDF would be in touch.
Since then the only contact has been for EDF to request a reading in October which resulted in a refund as our monthly payments had been set too high.
We now have a new payment plan which seems correct and continue with the same meter that was replaced 11 years ago when we changed from 3 to single phase.
I dont see how EDF can charge us to install a Linky at some future date when we haven’t refused one.

Quechoisir.org (France Consumers’ Association) have published some interesting articles saying the cost of Linky is being pushed onto consumers even though the electricity companies will be the major beneficiaries. As electricity distributors will be able to reduce their costs enormously due to the Linky being able to be managed remotely. Apparently those cost savings are not going to be returned to consumers even though the costs of the Linky are.

I learned a new French word reading it - they said the government was “jongling” (juggling) in their answers to these questions about who pays for this massive Linky rollout and who benefits. In other words whilst denying this cost falls on consumers the government was “tapdancing” in its answers.

The problem with Linky meters and fire is likely the following: while changes on meters was formerly accompanied with an inspection of the wiring, changes for linky are less careful. In particular, the supplied power can be modified remotely, without any cable inspection. Some old wiring can just not stand it.

Isn’t it the case though that they are the supplier and we are the customer - so no matter what way you look at it the cost of anything that the electricity company does will be paid by the customer in one way or another.

500 billions of profit this year was quoted by quechoisir.org, apparently huger than normal. Sounds like some sort of “costplus” arrangement on the unwanted Linky is proving very profitable to their shareholders and not being used to reduce electricity bills to consumers.

It also sounds like electricity prices paid by consumers are a very substantial contribution to balancing the French government’s books. Given France produces its own electricity, it’s nuclear and it sells to other countries but also its own consumers at world prices.

It’s just as well I don’t have a full subscription to Que Choisir yet so can only read what they allow to be read for free otherwise I’d be even more boring.