A Linky meter catches fire

Be interesting to learn the outcome of this… :thinking:

And there have been other fire incidents which this article goes on to tell us about…

yet the ones like at our other house that was an older box that blew up those stories are never published. Electric meters are always catching fire or going pop. While I refused a linky when we moved into the house there are no linky fires percentage or percentage in none Linky installations. If anyone has figures to show this, id like to see them as its very hard to get factual info on it all.

@Aquitaine have you done any research into the meters yourself? Would love your input.

Wow Harry… you had an old meter blow-up :hushed: what damage did it cause ?? nothing too dreadful I hope… :relaxed:

Generally, things are reported if they are of sufficient interest to the Public… especially if there is much damage and risk to life etc…

Linky meters are certainly news-worthy… since they are supposed to be completely safe.

I will be quite happy to move over to a Linky when the time comes. The way I use electricity in my house I’m sure that I will be able to make some savings.

Images of these Linky meters on Google are of a lemon yellow/lime green rectangular box with rounded corners. I have meter that reads my electricity consumption and sends it to EDF (apparently as it sends me monthly figures online) but it comprises three white boxes, one marked Landys+Gyr, the other with an isolator switch marked BACO. The third is unmarked.

Is this a pre-Linky or an Unlikelylinky? It seems to be closely linked with some nearby device on an outside wall at 2,50 metres from the ground.

Any ideas about this please?

From what I have read about these, they are not very popular with folk.
There are even conspiracy theories about that they contain a camera!!!

Apparently, we will get ours in Carmaux in the first half of 2019 - but it seems that you are quite within your rights to refuse to have one.

yes you are but when the time comes for a reading if you refuse you can be billed for someone calling out.

I am on the fence. I refused one when we took on the new house but they called us last week so I am on the fence as to if to have one or not. where our meter is there is nothing to catch fire its in a concrete room with nothing close to it.

@Aquitaine saying he will move when the time comes knowing how much he puts into research puts me in doubt that i made the wrong choice 8 months ago.

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To be honest, when the time comes we will most likely take it.

From what I understand I will be able to interrogate the electric consumption of the house while we are not there against any consumption whilst we visit.

@carlmt We’ve had 4 other Threads about Linky… if you Search the Forum, they are all there…

This was the latest, in May

I had a brand new, non-linky, box start to catch fire. Luckily we noticed a smell, tracked it down to the box and realised it was overheating and starting to melt so we’re able to call out emergency EDF services before a disaster happened. Nothing to do with linky, and everything to do with the person doing the installation having put wrong connectors in it.

Electricity can and does cause fires…

yes I know I follow linky its why I was surprised to see yet another fresh new discussion. There is sill no factual evidence that shows that linky causes more fires percentage wise than standard electric meters. Also if they actually caused the fires as lots of reports saying being investigated but never a follow up on most of them.

Harry, I was offering @carlmt Carl the Linky info… not you… (I’ve added his name now, to avoid confusion)

Although, I did ask you a question, which you have not answered…

sorry missed this one.

Luckily it just popped one night and apart from the box being damaged and a black mark on the wall there was little damage.

It could have been far worse as our old house was weird and my kids had a massive downstairs bedroom and the metre was just outside their bedroom and directly opposite the main stairs.

Regards to the new linky meters though lots of maybe stories but nothing concrete that I have seen as yet and yes the theorists says its getting brushed under the carpet but you would think more evidence to prove it was true would have come to light. Plus How safe is anything power surges will cause fires, no matter what box you have.

Ah, perhaps I was unclear… I am posting the latest information about Linky meters… as folk do have concerns about these meters which everyone will be forced to have (for better or worse) in around 2020.

Many Communes/Regions have expressed anxiety about the safety of Linky (not just fire)… no-one is saying Linky is more likely to catch fire than the old sort…but when they do catch fire, it is important to identify the reason and rectify it if it is a “Linky” design/installation fault… before they become standard in all homes…

possibly yes. but so many threads become mixed up as essentially someone may read one but not the other and miss something important.

Hi Harry

I have posted the latest Linky Report as a separate Thread, as this is the latest info available.

The Search tool enables folk to find every Thread/Link on any subject they choose. If everything is posted on just one Thread… it can become too unwieldy… especially when/if folk go off on a tangent, as frequently happens.

and, of course, your fire (old style meter) would not have been reported in the Press, as it only caused a black mark on the wall… :hushed: but, did the cause ever become clear?


I have had a Linky for quite a while now. Yes its green, no it doesn’t have a camera. Mine is in the garage so it doesn’t bother me what colour it is! My friend who’s Linky is in the kitchen has made a cupboard to hide it.
I have had a letter telling me that my prélèvements are going down this year, I haven’t made any significant changes in the way I use electricity so maybe it is more accurate ! :slight_smile:

yes a power surge down the powerline (which is the case of most boxes quite possibly also same with the linky) as they are before the fuse box.

To me it looks like another news story about a possible faulty linky box but no evidence (yet again) to show this. Pretty much exactly the same as the other thread. This is nothing new (no offence) and honestly should have been with the other same posts pointing a finger at linky without any evidence at all.

Scaremongering comes to mind.