Linky Electricity Meters from the horse's mouth.. more or less

At a site-meeting this morning… with the EDF Representative … well, actually Representing the enterprise which will do the work for EDF…

I asked about the new meter to be installed. Will it be a Linky… when he said NO… I asked about 2020 as the date when all premises will be on Linky meters. YES he said everyone will have them.

Mmmm… I asked about the problems with tripping… and he confirmed that there is no room for movement…eg: if you are on 9KW and you pull more… your Linky will trip. He did say that perhaps one second maybe two… might not trip … but this would be the exception and certainly not the rule…

gave me food for thought… :thinking:

Was that enerdis Stella…??? I’m on 6kw…my home is all electric although I don’t use my electric heaters preferring my paraffin heaters as and when needed…I really don’t want a Linky/smart meter or any other description of smart meter…When he said no it won’t be a Linky until 2020…what was he on about…??? (Or have I misunderstood…???)

It is clearly stated that the whole of France will be using Linky Meters by about 2020. There has been a lot about it in the Press… He assured me that all/any hiccups would be sorted out by then…:thinking:

But surely the “hiccups” are not just to do with the draw and the tripping…there are many not just in France but in other countries too who don’t want a smart meter purely in terms of health…sensitivity to the frequencies…many objecting to the bullying and harassment of corporations…many objecting to the roll out of the AI grid…that when it’s in place if you ring up to complain then it will only be an AI that you are dealing with…no human being on the other end of the line to complain to…not necessarily my view…my view remains purely that they have not yet been proven safe…???

Helen, I was asking him about tripping… what safety aspects are you talking about??

I’ve been following the press updates as I want to know how to say no…(had I still been in uk I’d have felt the same) I was just curious when you said that he had said it won’t be a Linky initially but by 2020 all will have one…(that’s what I may have misunderstood…???) The health aspect has to do with the frequencies emitted by the device…for those sensitive to the frequencies it’s a torment…I’ll not say I’m one of those tormented but I have long experienced a high pitched “squealing” in my head just above my ears when in close proximity to WiFi…walking into Asda pharmacies or airports is particularly “painful” frequency wise…just my point of view…

I’ve read where folk talk about the “emissions” being possibly carcinogenic… but EDF say such emissions are less than a hand-held drill… and meet all “norms”.

I’ve not read about the noise aspect with Linky… although, now I think about it, I can sometimes hear a hum when near certain high-voltage equipment… but my home is certainly not high-voltage… so I should be alright.

Some years back…I did scour the village to find the source of a particular noise… OH could not hear it, but it was making me feel giddy… I tracked it down to a resident using electric equipment which had worn bearings… which made it “hum”…very odd. :thinking:

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It is odd…not everyone can “hear” it…or physically feel it…sometimes for me the constant “squealing” changes pitch to something more bearable but still not natural…,only one of my daughters hears it but for those who can it’s a constant irritation…my son my youngest embraces all things technological and isn’t affected…I remember moving back to my hometown for a short time…we were next to an exchange…the screaming in my head was excruciating and hateful and my Collies avoided walking past the box whenever possible…If I forget to switch off my WiFi when I go to sleep then I’m often woken up in the dead of night with a “text message” that isn’t there accompanied by horrible and disturbing dreams…it’s not only the carcinogenic aspect although it’s a big part of the research but also the impact of the frequencies on the physical body and the electromagnetic field of all of us in a physical body including insects…bees and birds…it’s a big subject…and I would rather not blindly submit to the coercion and bullying of a corporation without being in full possession of the facts and without giving my fully informed consent…having said all of the above this is the first night in many years when there’s no unbearable high pitched squealing in my head…how bizarre…lol…x ::slight_smile:

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When I was abducted by aliens, they sent me back with a wotzit in my bonce that meant I could hear all those weird radio signals, like an old fax machine dialling up all the time. Not only could I hear them, I could see them too. Mushrooms anyone? :smiling_imp::joy:


I had a feeling that there was something “special” about you…:rofl::sweat_smile::wink:

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I am so glad that I am able to get through my days without suffering any ill effects from the modern technology that I use, am not ripped off by my bank, am not forced to watch TV programmes that I hate or have an ongoing feud with my neighbours. All in all life is pretty damn good.


Lol,…in uk I loved sliced puffballs fried in butter…easy to recognise…we also used to pick massive field mushrooms and ate them fried in milk and butter…,I’m relieved to say that no mushrooms I have ever consumed have led me to explore surreal fax machines…I’ve been thinking about Linkys…it would probably be worse for Emf sensitive people living in built up areas…they seem to be cutting down tress that obstruct the emf connections which is sad… If you live in a remote hamlet say with 18 houses then exposure is gonna be less than say living in Paris…Today I’ve watched bumble bees on my rasperries whilst rescuing one of my hydraengreas from the brambles along with a young gooseberry Bush and had a small brown bird not a sparrow hopping from my back door…,through the passage…hopping along my 3 catch mats through the lounge and staring intently at me whilst I’m in my kitchen…She is easier to guide back outside than the swallows…unafraid in the garden she picks cut grass and takes it to her nest in my hazels…I’ve never tried magic mushrooms and as far as I know I’ve never been abducted by aliens…I prefer the term extra terrestrial to alien to mean that part of all of us that exists outside of physical constraints…the enduring part of all of us eternally on the leading edge of thought…lol…yeah I know I sound like I’ve been on the magic mushrooms but honest to the great goddess I don’t know what they are…lol…x :slight_smile:


Hi Stella,
As I understand there is a web page one can lookup to see when a particular area is going to have the smart meter installed. Would you by any chance know the link?
Kind regards
Paul Kearsley

Just put your post code in here,

Interesting. It tells me they have done 117 in our commune and now “posé terminé”. We don’t have one… they came, they saw, and they turned round and went away.

Looking at my village, if believed they will have to install about 350 between June and November 2020, most of which are in out of the way hamlets that are only occupied at most half of the year. That should be interesting

Thanks Chris, just what I was looking for :+1:

Our Linky meter is going to be installed during the period March-May 2020. The old meter is outside in a box on a pole (where the EDF cables are terminated) which is up against our fence/hedge. Access to the meter is from the side facing the road. The main switch is in a second box accessible from inside the fence, so we can easily turn the supply off and on when necessary. Enedis says Linky meters are installed in the same place as the old meter and that we don’t need to be at home when it is installed. But I would prefer the Linky meter to be in the box on our side of the fence so that we don’t have to go outside our property to turn the supply on and off, and so that its functions (whatever they are) are not easily accessible to passers by (maybe I’m being a bit paranoid…). Does anyone have a similar setup?

Most of our village has been changed in recent weeks and I have not seen any of the external ones displaced so far. It is a simple - take one out and put another back in its place…

If you really would like yours put in a different place, I reckon you should speak with your Electricity Supplier (Enedis?) … who will possibly/probably do a site visit to check what is entailed… and probably/possibly charge you for the visit and the extra work which will be undertaken by the Linky fitter or whoever…

Thanks for the advice Stella. I’ve had a poke around the Enedis website and it seems very cut and dried that the new meter simply goes where the old one was sited. Obvious really, but by the side of the road has never been a good place. If we decide to persist I’ll give them a ring.