A little b and b question

We’re thinking of opening a chambres d’hote on a very small scale - a table d’hote actually. I’ve just started the research and i’m thinking about the big picture… am i right in the follwing?

I need to make a declaration of registration at the Mairie

I need to register with the Chambre d’Hote organisation, and get a licence to serve meals

I need to get public liability insurance (esp. for things like food poisoning !) and make sure all is safe, eg electrics.

Declare to the tax authorities the income i generate as per my normal tax return

BUT i’m exempt from registration as a professional business if… less than 5 bedrooms (15 people), under e23,000 income, and that income is less than half of my total income…

thanks, teresa

Jan, thanks, that’s great advice - pretty much confirming my thoughts as of today… register with the mairie (i’ve got the form from the web), licence for food from the douane, upgrade our ordinary house insurance AND pay our taxes.

thankyou so much - i’ll let you know how i get on!


That would be it! My understanding, from what we’ve been told by Gites de France and what I’ve read in the ‘Accueillir’ magazine is that chambre d’hôtes now need to have a ‘statute’ so you make social contributions. That doesn’t necessarily mean signing up for a full blown business at the CCI, but instead taking the simplified route of becoming an auto-entrepreneur and paying a straight 12.1% of your takings in cotisations.

You do however need to register yourselves with the Mairie - there’s a special form to do it and you do need a licence to serve any type of beverage, even tea, coffee and juice at breakfast. I’ve heard that some departments require you to do a course before one’s issued, but I have no experience of that as we’ve had ours for 7 years now. In addition you will need professional insurance and ours costs us just under 50 euros a month, in addition to our ordinary household policy.

Bon courage!


no, sorry jan - i’m lost in translation - i should like them to eat AND sleep… so i presume i’m opening a chambres d’hotes AND table d’hotes! what fun
x teresa

Do you mean that you won’t be accepting guests to sleep…just to eat at your table d’hôtes?