A little help on Facebook

Hi everyone,

Many of you know me/us but for those who don’t I’m @fabien from fabfrenchinsurance.com. I’ve been trying to help the English speaking community for a while now and you (the community) have been so amazing in return (good reviews, referrals, etc.) it’s been really nice since 2016 when I discovered SFN.

But we can’t please everyone and recently we’ve had an angry customer who was mad at her policy being “automatically renewed”. Despite our best efforts to help her & her husband understand the French way of doing things she unleashed her fury online everywhere she could find. This doesn’t really bother me as we can’t have only happy customers that’s part of the game but she left a bad review on Facebook and I must admit I’m almost non existent there (only 2 comments, 1 being hers) so it looks like we’re a bad company on Facebook and that doesn’t look great. Hence my call for help if some of you can help us revamp our brand image on Facebook that would be amazing.

Just in case here is the link to leave us a review => https://www.facebook.com/fabfrenchinsurance/reviews/

Thanks a lot in advance for your continuous support :pray:


Thanks for all your help in the past (and for the future).
I shall pop over there now and leave a review.


Thanks a lot Vanessa and thanks for the review, much appreciated :+1:


Not a Facebook user but hopefully others here will be able to take a moment and post something nice


Very pleased with the service we’ve received from @fabien and no hesitation in recommending him and his company.
I’m hoping some of you will put nice things on his FB page… please !!!

It’s rotten when someone posts negative stuff in Public, without giving the full explanation of just why and how the situation arose…
Oooop, silly me… of course they wouldn’t admit to anything actually being their own fault… :roll_eyes:

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thanks to you all for your support :pray: seeing her answered some of your comments is also hilarious (in a way). @vanessa and @JaneJones you’ve liked the page but didn’t leave a review? I appreciate the like already and if you can leave a review on top that’s cherry on the pie + icing on the cake for me :cupcake:

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I did leave a review. (1 hour after Catharine’s). I can see it and I have shared it to my FB page too. Bizarre….

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I did as well…sometimes takes a while to register so has it appeared now?

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vanessa saw your post Jane - it came immediately after hers…

FB is truly strange. I can see Jane’s but not Vanessa’s…

Added - just thought - Vanessa could well be using a different name on FB. I’m being a bit slow today…

Super weird indeed. On my end Facebook shows only 5 reviews (I had one before that one) - There is the original bad review (that makes 2 at that stage) and then Catharine’s, CJ’s and finally Frank so 5 total. So I cannot see Vanessa and Jane unless CJ is one of you too?

Ah yes, CJ is my facebook nom de plume! Forgot that!


Cj I think is Jane (the profile picture is the same on FB and SF).
I saw the post made by @vanessa on her iPad after she made it - perhaps it is just waiting for approval :thinking:

maybe, I’ll have another look this evening perhaps it’s being delayed or something like that. In any cases thanks a lot for your support :pray:

This is a screenshot of your FB page on my PC using Firefox. It clearly shows my review and also that there is one share of my review (onto my FB page)

This is a screenshot from my FB page taken from the FB App on my iPad showing the link (which works) to the Review on your page.

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Sorry don’t use FB!

Yes, apart from being a 30+ male on FB🤣


she noticed that :roll_eyes:

@fabien I may have sorted it. I think it was only viewable by my friends on FB. I have changed it to be available to Public……
Sorry for the problems….