A load of old rubbish or sweet revenge?

Watching the National News on France 3 last evening and interesting story unfolded of a town in the Oise department I think it was who have tried a new approach to fly-tipping in their commune.

A group of residents lead by M. le Maire and other council members went to a site out of town which had been a a target for one such fly-tip, rummaged through the garbage to find as much evidence as possible to the origin of the rubbish. They were able to trace the offenders by use of dumped school books, old bills and various other paperwork mixed up in the torn and strewn sacks.

Their next job was to re bag the rubbish, about twenty sacs of it if I recall then drive to the offenders property and duly empty the sacs in their driveway. It looked a well to do residence too which must have been the very ultimate in embarassing moments ?

Great idea for me and well done to the commune for using such a novel approach.

Name and shame, hope it catches on !

Nice one! School Having clearout?

good on them.