A Lonely Dog

Hi there.
This is a piece of my works named a lonely dog. I love dogs, they are our faithful friends. And the movie Hachiko: A Dog’s Story touched me deeply.
So I had the thought of challenging myself to use pastel chalks to finish this work.
The frame is also drew by me. Hope you like it.


It’s beautiful Eve, I like everything about it, including the title, and think that you are a very talented lady ! :slight_smile:

Makes my heart ache! Bravo. Beautiful.

I only came across this - this is one of the most poignant paintings I have ever seen - you are truly gifted. Do you have representation or perhaps you just paint for pleasure? Well done in any case. I also adore dogs - prefer them to people actually as (unless corrupted by man) they are pure unconditional love. I too saw that movie about the Japanese dog losing his master and was devastated by it - all the more because it was a true story - and very sadly there are many more like it. Thank you for your gentle poetic vision in a world that seems indifferent to the pain of animals - we need more people like you! God bless you!