A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons

US Presidential elections will culminate tomorrow, Tuesday the 8th of November.

I came across this today

"America and Britain are having a competition to see who can f*** themselves up most.

Britain is at present in the lead but America has a Trump card!"

Says it all doesn’t it.

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Nice to see the New York Times’ double page spread on all the 281 ‘people, places and things’ the trump has insulted on twitter in the last year though, so his campaign staff have confiscated his access to it !

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Here it is!

People wanted a complete change away from the establishment. Give him a chance to redress the country and it needs it. The will of the people made him. Politeness is not an issue. Efficiency needed.
He will run the US like a businessman. What’s wrong?

Quite a few things here that could go very wrong