A must-watch for #Brexit enthusiasts

A must-watch for #Brexit enthusiasts pic.twitter.com/wg0vW1LAOj https://t.co/xSv8rOGmMs

β€” Bojan Pancevski (@bopanc) March 15, 2017
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Wow, that was painful!!

Does gives us hope (not) that we are going along the right path! :frowning:

Hope the Britexit peeps on the forum, check out this video :slight_smile:



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For those who have not checked the link James provided, here is a β€˜taster’ from our Britexit Secretary. Does it fill you with faith :frowning:

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Totally biased reporter as are most of Sky news and BBC. Seeing the full interrogation might have been more helpful.
In any case no concrete decisions have been made re tariffs etc.