A new review for my novel, The Doctor and The Dipsomaniac

A new review for my novel The Doctor and The Dipsomaniac (available as an Amazon Kindle download):-

'A fantastic book that I couldn't put down! I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author described the settings and the actions of each character. It covers a range of exciting themes including poverty, love and murder. The comparisons of how the two different classes lived post war was accurate and I liked the use of local 'slang' to make the story realistic. The plot had me truly gripped and I would definitely recommend it as a pleasurable read. I am hoping that the author will be writing a sequel to this novel and if he does, I will be down loading it immediately!'

What a great review... interesting too, given yesterdays' conversation, how the reader appreciates setting, language and your research. Accuracy is clearly important (of course), but this review places more emphasis on that for me. Thanks Glyn, excellent post. Have a good day, enjoy the rugby (go Wales) and stay warm!