A new review for my novel, The Doctor and The Dipsomaniac

A new review for my novel The Doctor and the Dipsomaniac (available as an Amazon kindle download):-

'A fantastic book that I couldn't put down! I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author described the settings and the actions of each character. It covers a range of exciting themes including poverty, love and murder. The comparisons of how the two different classes lived post war was accurate and I liked the use of local 'slang' to make the story realistic. The plot had me truly gripped and I would definitely recommend it as a pleasurable read. I am hoping that the author will be writing a sequel to this novel and if he does, I will be down loading it immediately!'

Congratulations. Good reviews make it all worthwhile, given how little money there is in writing for most of us. I am mainly used to peer reviews pre-publication and one of my reviewers of the forthcoming closed it with a thank you to me for being privileged to have read my work. That meant more to me than all else. I do regular peer reviews myself, including as a member of two editorial boards, more is rejected than taken in overall so let us all really appreciate the value of reviews and allow them to keep us writing because they tell us we should.

I hope to be able to start to do literary rather than academic reviewing in the near future, at least I have the offers and have tentatively accepted them. Any excuse to read AND be paid a small fee to do it seems great by me.