A perfect day in the garden

It has been a perfect day today.

We had a lie-in followed by bacon sarnies for breakfast then set off into the orchard. The first thing we noticed was the yellow bud on the first daffodil almost ready to burst open, which it had done by the end of the day. We did a bit of hazel copising, fruit tree and vine pruning as well as quite a bit of tidying in the flower beds. Our old rabbit Hay who is over 7 years and showing her age came out to join us in the sun and do a bit of nibbling, I think her days are definitely numbered as she finds it very difficult to walk now, but she is still happy and inquisitive bless her.

The longer we spent out there the more we noticed; the buds on the plum tree, the lone primrose in the flower bed, the shoots on the garlic’s and most exciting of all the mistletoe. A few years ago I had Ade clambering around picking berries from the wild mistletoe that grows in the woods around the village. I carefully squidged the berries on one of our apple trees to encourage it to grow in our garden, but nothing happened and I forgot all about it. It is now growing and hopefully by next year I may be able to pick a bunch from the orchard for Christmas kisses!

The sun shone all day, but to be able to have our evening aperos on our sunny bench we did have to start a little earlier than usual, but it was worth it. The perfect end to a perfect day.