A plague of frogs!

Has anyone else had trouble with frogs in their pool!? Any suggestions as to how to get rid of them humanely, and more importantly, how to prevent them multiplying and enjoying our facilities would be very welcome; we have nothing against the little chaps but equally do not wish to share our swimming pool with them. I would have thought chlorine input (which we have been doing copiously recently) would not make a suitable environment for them but this does not seem to be the case.

Any suggestions please - gratefully received!

We've got Fred and Freda back in our little pool made from a Belfast sink. They were there all last summer but they went elsewhere for the winter and have just returned. We love'em!

Only catching and releasing them in the next river of your... And soon before they multiple.

Get a bucket and a net, scoop them out and relocate them, not in a neighbour's pool. You will need to build some sort of barrier to prevent them getting in next year.

Most frogs are protected, so over-chlorinating the pool would be illegal and inhumane.

Don't you hate it when nature gets in the way?!