A proper Barber!

There is a newly-arrived Barber just opened his shop in Eymet (Rue du Temple). At last, a proper gentleman’s barber. Just had the best haircut I’ve had in France. No more hairdressers for me, this guy (Sion… really SHORN, that’s his name) is extremely talented and has been at his craft for 25 years.


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My beloved cuts mine, ok I’m not proud, but it’s cheap :rofl:
Last time I visited a barber, I thought earned his dosh, was 30odd years ago in Greece, for a shave, one and only time, but I still remember it, the best shave I’ve ever had. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve always had male barbers since childhood, until - that is - I came France where, in our town, there are five feminin-masculin hairdressing salons all staffed by women.

It takes time to become accustomed to the lighter touch and general womanly disposition of a coiffeuse, but I find it very soothing and technically the styling is closer to what I prefer than when a male barber does it.

I’ve never had anyone shave my face, but I’ve performed many shaves on other men myself, as a nurse, including pre-operative nipple-to-knee shaves which were obligatory, and performed with a cut-throat razor. :scream:

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Not having a great deal of hair ‘up top’ I use an electric ‘sheep shearer’ myself and just run over whats left once a month down to a number 1 or 2 thickness.

The beard is another whole ball game…

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You wouldn’t get near my ‘bits’ with yan them things me lad, Ohhhh Nooo!!!
yer goin’ t’ haff to git ‘t cap off Pete, let’s see t’ 'air do Lad. :thinking:

It’s just, your hair, has ‘slipped’ a bit Carl.

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It’s true Bill…oh so true…


Still a bit on top Carl, but disappearing rapidly :thinking:

There you go, Bill and one and all. The Goble cropper unveiled :scream:… à

l’instant !


Joking apart, your hair is quite similar to Bill’s !!!

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Snow on the roof…but I guess there is a fire in the cellar!!!


Stylish ???

Well, embers :slightly_smiling_face:

You see me in my ‘mad professor’ frame of mind, bulging eyes, spectacles on end of nose, crouching over table while taking demented selfie… :joy::selfie:


Here is Bill stylish hair cut before I’m using the clippers (picture posted with his approval of course !)


:+1: :grinning:

Approval give post posting my Love, Ach, I’m not proud, the dog thinks I is 'ansome! :heart:

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Yes, it’s a very happy snap of you, Bill. You’d also look a saucy salt in my cap. My son brought it from Sicily for me, it’s a traditional pattern, worn like a beret.

Did you wear a cap at the helm, Bill, with an anchor symbol, like Captain Birds Eye? :anchor::fish::grinning:

No cap Peter, woolly ‘at in Northern climes, had a fancy uniform cap with anchor etc when in the Merch, don’ think I ever wore it, last I saw of that, I lent it to a chap for a fancy dress party, never got it back :slightly_smiling_face:

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