A question on blogs

I posted earlier about my blog and this seems to have disappeared - I tried to find rules on blogs (I looked in the FAQ, couldn't figure out where else to look) before I posted but didn't find any. Did I contravene some rule? I see other people post links to their personal blogs and figured that it was okay to do the same - was I wrong?

Hi Catharine

I hate to be a pain but I was wondering what was happening with my attempt to share my blog? I'd really appreciate feedback from SFN'ers.



Done - I hope!

Just post a link to your blog in the bloggers / writers group and I'll do the rest! x

Thanks Catharine - I think it does - I guess I'm just trying to avoid writing my blog twice (it was hard enough getting up the enthusiam to start mine up again) and some of the blog posts on here looked like links - I'll figure it all out later. Cheers x

Hi Maria

Just had a look and I haven't approved it as it didn't qualify as it was just a link (needs content as they go onto the FB page!) but....add it to the thread in the Writers Bloggers and Translators group and I'll add it to the Blogroll which is a Blog Listing. Plus feel free to periodically post "Just updated my blog" with a link as your status update! Hope that clears things up! x

Thanks for clearing that up Catharine - just wanted to make sure that I'm playing by the rules :-) No hurry, I know that you are a busy lady!

Yes Sheila is right and I've been out all day. Will get to it now! x

Thanks Sheila :-)

Hi Maria. I believe that blog posts have to be approved first, but not 100% sure. I will make enquiries.