A quick intro to me :)

(Nikki Pilkington) #1

A quick introduction to me:

  • I'm a 37 year old mother of 2

  • I live in France

  • I run an Internet Marketing business based in the UK & France

  • My oldest daughter is 18

  • My youngest is 3 months :)

  • I have 2 step daughters aged 7 and 10

  • I moved to France to be nearer to my partner's children

  • My partner's name is Shaun

  • I currently own 5 cats and am renting one (the mum to 3 of the babies I've inherited)

  • I used to have a dog called LaWoof but had to give her up while I was pregnant

  • I started my first business from a council house when I was 21

  • I speak very bad French :P

  • I use way too many emoticons in posts :D

  • I don't watch TV but watch a different DVD almost every day

  • I read as often as I can, mainly in the bath

  • I love the sun, but hate to have a tan

  • I love growing my own vegetables but hate to dig the weeds

  • Luckily my eldest daughter has a boyfriend who will work for food ;)

  • I enjoy eating out as often as possible

  • I'm very spontaneous, which drives people around me mad

  • I'm also very messy, which drives them madder

  • I have TWO cleaners :D

  • I haven't ironed since 1992 and don't intend to start now

  • I'm always looking for places to guest blog, so if you like the sound of me,
    ask :)

I think that will do for now - my blogs will be about various things - being a working mum, living and working in France,
restaurants, reviews and more - a real hotch potch of posts as much for
my own enjoyment as anything else.

Feel free to pitch in and say
hello on anything you like, of course :)

(Nikki Pilkington) #2

Hi Bob, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: