A rant worthy of its own thread, I thought 🤭

This is brilliant! Absolutely, spot on! :clap::clap::clap:

And the cuts imposed by the Nazi now masquerading as Chancellor had a lot to do with creating that environment.

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Shiva, she was not being asked to ‘sign away her life’. DNR is do not resuscitate after the patient has stopped breathing and the heart has stopped beating.
Resuscitation is brutal and painful, ribs will be broken with possible internal damage. According to my children, Emergency doctor and the other an anaesthetist, contrary to TV dramas, it is rarely successful and in those cases where the patient is resuscitated they almost certainly will be in a very poor state. They were very concerned that their grandparents had given DNR instructions when admitted to hospital as they did not want to see that unnecessary suffering for people they loved.
My mother has Alzheimer’s and does not have the capacity to make or communicate that decision so when she broke her hip we , with power of attorney, made it for her . Death is not something we fear for her , her continuing deterioration is.
When people haven’t thought about it in advance, it sounds very blunt and harsh . I knew a very elderly lady who had previously had a stroke , was very ill and put in place a DNR with the knowledge of her daughter/carer. When she died and her other children found out they were outraged that they hadn’t been consulted. They were very pro resuscitation and didn’t accept it was their mother’s choice not theirs.


I’m sorry but that is not always the case… in a hospital environment the crash crew can revive without the drama and brutality of thumping someone’s chest…


Very true. If you’re relatively young and otherwise healthy, your chances aren’t great. If your very aged and have serious health conditions, your chances of resuscitation, without major consequences that will probably have you die very shortly anyway, are very small indeed. That is why my mother had a DNR. She made the decision herself and only then asked her children what they thought. We all supported her in her decision. She died of a heart attack on Christmas morning, and no amount of resuscitation would have helped.

This is worth a listen too…


My daughter’s an ED doctor too and wouldn’t share (I checked :slightly_smiling_face:) that view. Obviously it all depends on many factors and I’m sure your children acted in the best interests of their grandparents, given their condition, but all in all my daughter would be in favour of kick starting me if possible :slightly_smiling_face:.

For me I think DNR is more a question of quality of life. If I have a terminal illness, am in pain and only have a few weeks to go anyway then why resuscitate me? But if I’m old but doing OK then if I have a ticker wobble I want the paddles out pronto.

I have no proof apart from observation of the treatment of elderly relatives over the years but I do believe there’s a “he/she’s had a good innings” mindset sometimes.

That’s the key really, isn’t it? I think Shiva’s feeling was that there was a degree of coercion involved.


Excellent post Charles. As usual, stunning stuff from Led by Donkeys.

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Worth a small donation? I think so :slightly_smiling_face:


I am afraid that you are right Billy. I suspect the reason J Hunt is grinning smugly (apart from the cocaine), is that he now has the perfect opportunity to finish off the NHS, after years of asset stripping.
And given that the sleeping masses barely flinched over the mini budget, he knows he can get away with anything.
I hope I am wrong, but the eye-watering cuts he alluded to could be curtains. My worst fear still is that UK ends up with an American style health system, leaving the poorest screwed completely.


I’ll ask the question again - what does one do about such things? The only option open to the public, other than grumbling on social media is public disorder.

Even peaceful protest is now hamstrung and Braverman made late additions to the bill which would restrict that even further - restraining orders on people who “might” protest for example.


I think (well, hope!) that today we’ve seen several years’ developments crystallised into a single day that future historians will compare to that ‘Suez moment’ in British history. To be more succinct today might be as far to the right as the political pendulum of UK politics will have swung and that there’ll be an admittedly very slight change of direction.

Whether or not that’ll suffice to stop the £ achieving(?!) parity with the $, I dread to think…

OTOH I like to think £:€ will remain fairly stable until Putin’s wheels come off, which sadly for the Ukraine may be well(?) in the future


There would need to be protests on a scale never before seen, or an epiphany of the masses causing a united vote in the right direction.
But, the divisive language of the government and their gutter press friends has been drip-feeding the nation for so long with fear and hatred for one another that it’s unlikely to happen. The ‘United Kingdom’ just isn’t.

As usual, stunning stuff from Led by Donkeys.

Thank you for the thumbs up John. I enjoyed the rant. It’s somehow reassuring in these times to hear that we are not the only ones who feel exasperated.

As I write the soap opera/circus rumbles on. Who will they wheel on next?

Well not a lot really, but, if you live in or near London and are at a loose end tomorrow, why not join the Rejoin March?

It may never happen, rejoining, but at least a good turnout would send a message.

I’m not up to much marching these days thanks to a persistent Achilles tendonitis which tends to flare if I walk to far.

Besides, I’ll be in Brittany. :slight_smile:

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as a moderator… can you not walk on water :thinking:

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It’s still a bloomin’ long walk :slight_smile:


Not so much just Hunt damaging people. George Eustace has just admitted that the trade agreement with Australia made when he was Agriculture Minister was detrimental to British farming.
Who negotiated that deal but the appalling Liz Truss.
She needs to be made to pay in some way for the appalling damage she has done to the UK and its citizens.
It costs a fortune to be sent to prison, so how about Community
Service for life?

What has happened to her since she was dis-mantled? Does she turn up to the back benches as her job demands that she do, or is she sulking somewhere expensive? :thinking:

Probably busy getting divorced.