A Reason to Send Flowers

January & February are busy months for my family with a number of birthdays and anniversaries. I’ve also had a few reasons to say Thank You to quite a few people recently as well and so I’ve found Bunches florists fantastic for sending lovely bouquets at reasonable prices. You can find them on my website www.UK4Me.co.uk.

Why do I think Bunches are one of the best?

  1. They offer an excellent choice of flowers for less than £20 and they include a free box of milk chocolates with every order.

    2 You can choose Royal Mail (free 1-2 day delivery) or Courrier (around £5)
  2. They give you posy points so with every order you earn credits against a discount in the future

    www.UK4Me.co.uk often has promotions for Bunches of 10% off…check out our facebook page for details www.facebook.co.uk/UK4Me

Sending Fresh Flowers? - Try Bunches.co.uk we have a 10% discount off all orders from today until midnight Monday 14th March 2011 via www.UK4Me.co.uk Simply enter the promo code MD2011

I use Bunches a lot. They are good value, deliver on time & the flowers are good quality. I reccommend them highly:)