A recipe for luuuuuurv!

You take one abandoned and (previously) timid male cat (Hibou) who came with the house, resisted initial attempts to be caught and when he did found himself whipped off to the vet for ALL the "necessaries".

And you add one from-the-start mouthy boisterous Cocker spaniel puppy (Belle).

Survey the two closely to ensure that claws (Hibou) and teeth (Belle) are safely where they should be.

Et voilà. A couple of months later....all together now, "Aaaaaaaaaah".

Hmm, so wary of you and besotted with Belle. Definitely a ladies' man...

Is it me or in each photo is Hibou pushing Belle further and further out of bed???

Lovely photos Johnny!


A really big ahhhhhhhhhhhh! That's so lovely, Johnny. They'll be pals for life now I think. Plus it shows the weather's cooling down, groan, if they're starting to snuggle.