A renter's story

Hi there,
Reading these posts from landlords and property owners and it sounds truly awful. I agree with the level of outrage and exhaustion you must experience ; i get so mad with other renters because it makes it harder for the rest of us.

I have recently retired to Nantes to care for a sick friend who does much for the difficult communities here. His apartment was not appropriate (loft bedroom etc) for someone with his grave health so I put him in airbnb since Feb 2017 it is now Nov and i joined him in May.

I am at the desperate stage finding an apartment…the big barrier is language and history: i don’t speak french (I’m learning at uni) and have no rental/employment history here.

I have some french friends here try to help but its time intensive and everyone has busy lives

I am a dream tenant:) i’m older quiet and very house proud I have A1 references from 14 years of renting in Australia (now theres a buyer’s market!) In Oz my dossier was an organised and well presented 20 page summation of references, rental invoices, bank statements, character, work even vet references for the dog and cat :slight_smile: I am having some of these being translated

Because i have had long term airbnb rentals 2 of the lovely owners are happy to be referees and one is helping with the phone calls : but essentially none of it seems to do any good. There are lots of gorgeous apartments in the centre where we need to be but they go in 24hrs. andI can’t call or send an email in english because its never answered

My income is 4x that of the normal French wage but it’s a disability pension paid to me from my super i have good documents and these have been translated outlining clearly what my annual/monthly income is and that i receive this for the next 6 years, this offers more security than someone with a job these days bcos whose to say its not gone tomorrow…the way things are going in Europe especially .

So I am getting to the desperate stage and will probably have to outlay thousands again to keep on in air bnbs until after Xmas…all this moving isn’t helping my dear friend.

So yes I get really mad at renters who are barely civilised… people who trash places, and take from the world…and in so doing affect others who just want to contribute…grrrrr