A seaside business

(Rachel Loos) #1

Hi, I’m after a business - not fussy about what type - that is based along the coast of the Charente-Maritime. Does anyone run one or know of someone who does? Thanks! Rachel

(Rachel Loos) #2

Hi Nola
Thanks for the suggestion but yes, as Kathryn remarked, I am after someone who lives/will be living permanently by the coast to interview.

(Kathryn Dobson) #3

I think Rachel was looking for one to interview rather than buy but thanks anyway.

(Nola d'Enis) #4

I have a friend selling a gite business near St Ciers, technically in the Gironde but about 5 kms from the CM border and same distance to the estuary, if you are interested? Couple of gites and 14 hectares and big longere.

(Rachel Loos) #5

Thanks for the suggestion James, but I’m after one that’s hanging around for a while…