A sensible judgement

Which Gary Linker should keep in mind when dealing with the Tory arse licker currently running the BBC :face_with_hand_over_mouth:strong text


Another one here? “First UK street preacher reported as terrorist for ‘misgendering’ wins appeal: ‘Orwellian and really alarming’”


I have just tried to complain to the BBC regarding their handling of Gary Lineker.
You need to be in the UK to make a complaint against them.
This looks like gagging the rest of the world including British citizens living abroad.
It seems that Gary’s comments can now be applied to the BBC itself.

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Try again with a VPN on for UK.

try a vpn?

I was listening to the World@1 when the presenter, Johnny Dimond, allowed Nadine Dorris to spout outrageous rubbish. Luckily other listeners agreed. This woman is the epitome of Tory acolyte stupidity IMO.

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A UK telephone number is a mandatory field.

Oh dear. Clearly, the BBC does not wish to hear from anyone abroad :confused:

I suspect it only needs to hear from those with a license.