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Whether you're a full time expat or a second home owner, you're bound to need to transfer money overseas. With over a decade of experience helping people, international payments specialist TorFX, specialises in helping people save considerable amounts of money on foreign currency transfers. Whether you need to finance a French property purchase, meet living costs, manage mortgage or pension payments, TorFX can help.

We can offer:

Excellent Exchange Rates

TorFX aims to secure the most competitive exchange rates for its clients, often beating those offered by the banks by as much as 3%. While a few pence per Euro might not seem like much, if you’re funding a property purchase or transferring savings abroad, even a slight difference in the rate can leave you thousands better off.

For example, if you had £250,000 to transfer at a rate of 1.23966 Euros per Pound you’d receive €309,915. At just 3% better, 1.2780 pence per Euro, would give you €319,500 – almost €10,000 more. Just think what you could do with all that extra cash!

No Transfer Fees

As well as great rates, TorFX doesn’t charge commission costs or transfer fees. These fees can be anywhere from £10 - £40 per transaction and commission charges are often around 2% of the transfer amount. TorFX can help you make serious savings.

Fixed Exchange Rates

Fixing an exchange rate can help save a considerable amount of money.

With TorFX you can fix a favourable exchange rate for up to TWO YEARS in advance of a trade. This means you can secure a rate when the market moves in your favour and benefit from that rate when you need to make your transfer, protecting your money from any adverse shifts in the currency market.

As French property sales can take months to complete and exchange rates are volatile, this is very useful. For example, if the market moved while the sale was going through, the property could end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for. Fixing a rate with TorFX means you safeguard your transaction from this type of risk and can also help make big savings on any other large currency transfers, such as buying a new car.

Regular Overseas Payments Service (ROPS)

If you’ve got to make regular foreign currency payments of between £500 and £10,000 TorFX can still make sure you get the best deal.
With the TorFX Regular Overseas Payments Service your recurrent transactions will be processed swiftly, securely and automatically on a day of YOUR choosing. Your transfers will also be conducted at the best possible exchange rate and with no transfer fees or commission costs – so you’ll see real savings.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Securing a competitive exchange rate can make a huge difference to the amount of money you receive, but choosing the right time to make a trade can be tricky. Expert guidance is invaluable. When you phone TorFX, you won’t be passed around a call centre. Instead you'll have a dedicated point of contact. Your advisor will offer specialist support, keep you up to date with the latest market movements, give you advice on the best transfer options for your needs and help you pick the most lucrative time to make a trade.


Managing foreign currency transfers with TorFX couldn’t be simpler. Opening an account is straightforward, quick and free, and there’s no obligation to trade. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated point of contact. They’ll talk through your requirements and help you decide on the best means of organising your transfers. From then on you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ll always be here when you need us.

I've been with XETrade for years..... Friday my rate was 1.41...

I think that other companies such as TorFX and UKforex are well worth considering for large transactions when buying property or expensive items when you want to be assured over exactly what exchange rate you are going to get. With TransferWise, you can set boundaries on the exchange rate, but it costs a bit more to do this at the time you initiate the transaction. However, I have chosen not to do this with Transferwise, particularly when I am transferring modest amounts on a more regular basis in order to top up my French bank account when there are not huge swings in the exchange rate. It can take a few days for the transaction to complete and you don't know exactly what final exchange rate you are going to get, but TransferWise has proved to be a very good option for me for this purpose. You can follow the currency exchange rate trend and attempt to maximise the use of available funds at the right time. You can go to TransferWise via this link: https://transferwise.com/u/dddfe

Used a few different ones Found TorFX don’t initially give best rate, but can usually be persuaded to match or better other rates at fixed exchange - would be nicer if you didn’t have to haggle though!

I have used Torfx and also transferwise, a company called UKforex was recommended to me and on a transaction this week offered much better rates, the service was excellent and the funds were transferred very quickly. The downside of transferwise is that you dont know at the point of contract what rate you have, I know that it is possible to adjust the spread and and the funds do take a couple of days to arrive, I have had excellent service from Torfx but I tend to prefer financial benefits being in my pocket.